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The Chinese have to have somewhere to live when they "repossess" us after we default on our trillion dollar debt... Just saying.....
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The President’s Amnesty Shell Game

Barnlady Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 12:21 PM
He is after more Democratic voters.. No ID, no problem... just vote and get back on the bus so we can go to a new voting site... Whoa what a slick way to get the "government" dependents to vote the Democrats in office forever, well until China won't lend us any more money to fund the SMAP accounts..
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Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools

Barnlady Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 9:13 AM
Michelle, I am continually amazed at the contortions people have to go through to deny the truth staring them in the face.. I believe we are too far gone to reverse the "slide" to destruction.. The following video is short and terrifying but true.. No solution that we are willing to put into action..
Maury, I for one, appreciate and always thank the thoughtful man that holds a door for me.. Please keep up your good manners as they are in short supply..
Libby, I am glad your IUD helps with your period but I am at a loss how that works.. I am also clueless as to why the IUD does not kill a child if it does not prevent the pregnancy but just doesn't allow the baby to stay in womb.. Sounds like death to me.. I do not have to answer to GOD for your choices but do have to answer for mine and I believe HE will ask my why I paid to kill children.. This is my objection, paying for any type of abortifacient..
Sorry, I, as a taxpayer don't want to pay to kill unborn children just like Hobby Lobby... They pay for 16 birth control pills and always have.. Get educated...
First Amendment??? Where in the First Amendment does it say a woman can kill her unborn child?? You really can't be that misinformed...
Paul, good article, except the Sabbath is Saturday not Sunday.. The Jews honor GOD from Friday evening to Saturday evening, Christians honor GOD on Sunday...
I love your comment about Sharia law.. So few Americans don't have a clue what Muslims are all about.. Unfortunately they will learn when it is way too late.. We should actively be inviting them to move to a Muslim friendly country as they do not want to assimilate in America... I recently watched a video made by ISIL where they kept chanting about allah the merciful, then when the people would come out of their homes with their hands in the air they would make them knell down then shoot them in the back of the head 6 to 10 times.. Yeah, merciful.. They are so dumb they think it takes more than one bullet in the back of your head to kill you.. We are in so much trouble..
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The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

Barnlady Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 2:08 PM
Mr. Shapiro, why oh why does the Jewish community continue to support Democrats and vote for this president?? Not one penny should go to the Hamas organization.. Not one more Fulbright Scholarship to a "Palestinian" who upon graduating returns home, straps on a suicide vest goes into a Israel market crowded with women and children and blows himself up killing many innocents.. Not one more grain of sand should be given to anyone, this is Jewish land.. GOD spelled out exactly the boundaries and Israel is not in possession of a quarter of it yet.. ONLY Israel knows the Muslims and what they are capable of.. The rest of the world will find out when it is WAY too late... The only occupation of a Palestinian is learning to hate and kill...
Whoa, why doesn't health care have to pay for men's protection??
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