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Where is our "apologizer in chief" when you need him.. Maybe he could go over there and bow down, like the last time he was there, and ask real nice if they would not hurt the guy for being a "free thinker"... Maybe we could give them a few billion in aid... Muslims SUCK, not just the jihadist but all of them.. The Koran gives them permission to lie and requires them to kill ALL infidels... So, there is NO SUCH thing as a moderate Muslim, just a disobedient one!!
OK, lets have a discussion of what do you do about "radical" Islam?? The ONLY difference between a jihadist Muslim and a moderate Muslim is that one is disobedient to their Koran since it REQUIRES ALL Muslims to kill ALL infidels.. That is like living with a rattle snake, just because he has not bitten you lately does not mean that he will not in the future.. You just never know when you might do the wrong thing and they will kill you.. The killing of an infidel is the ONLY GUARANTEE way they have to get to paradise and get your 72 virgins... Mohammed said hell is for women so they don't get any reward.. Would some Muslim woman PLEASE tell me why you are a Muslim?? Jesus promises "paradise" (heaven) to anyone who believes in HIM and accepts HIS sacrifice for them.. Obviously Islam was thought up by a man, for men.. They even have instructions on how to "beat" your wife!!! How are we going to get them out of America??? France is thinking about it, since they live in these "no go" communities collecting welfare and having lots of kids.. I just heard a TV commentator say these "poor" young men can't find a job so they turn to terror, is he serious??? They can't find a job because they are NOT looking for one... Wake up America before it is too late!!
Yes, and that is what the "gun-grabbers" want to do here... The newspaper had guards, just no guns.. Disarming citizens works real well, huh??
For the life of me I don't understand why they have the man on.. I would watch the show but I am afraid that I will so mad at him that I would throw something at my TV.. Fox gets a little carried away with their fare and balanced..
I used to teach Sunday school and when we taught this lesion, I would ask "how many stones does it take for GOD to kill one giant??" They would answer one, then homework for next Sunday was, why did David pick up 5?? (Answer: Goliath had 4 brothers.)
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The 25 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2014

Barnlady Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 12:58 PM
Stupidity should be painful...But they get elected, we are in so much trouble...
Sorry, I don't understand why you have a trial?? Shut the border, return anyone without a VISA back across the border.. The border patrol must be so discouraged.. Why risk your life when Obama gives them all amnesty...
Will a Muslim woman please tell me why any woman would want to be a Muslim?? Islam is a religion made by a man for men.. Mohammed said men are for paradise, women are for hell.. Christianity offers heaven for anyone who accepts JESUS's payment for their sins.. Islam requires a man to kill a non-muslim to be assured to get into paradise and get their 72 virgins.. Wait a moment, I thought the women are in hell.. Are these virgins men?? Ewwww.. Simple, Islam = hate; Christianity = love, some choice, huh...
Of course there is no job listings.. Like the young lady said when they ask her if she was looking for a job?? No, I get checks from the government, I don't need a job.. What are all these people going to do when China stops lending us money??
Mr. Jackson, your article was very insightful... I would like to see more done to require fathers to be in the family unit but as long as illegitimacy is rewarded and nothing is required from the "baby" daddies I don't see how this will happen.. Welfare should be limited to a short period while the mother gains job skills.. More than two illegitimate children should require intervention.. Young black males that do not want to finish school should be given a job working on infrastructure.. It would cheaper than keeping them in jail... I don't feel anyone is willing to do the hard work that these changes would require..
How can they do anything because Obama will veto it??
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