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I believe that Mr. Holder has resigned so that he will be available if an opening is available on the Supreme Court.. Scary, huh??
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One Nation Under Godlessness

Barnlady Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 12:16 PM
Wow, its amazing every time anyone wants to make "fun" of a Christian they question their intelligence.. I don't believe in harassing anyone that choses not to believe in GOD.. All I know is on my death bed I will be excited looking forward to eternity, while you will be screaming (like Gilda Radner) for the nurse to NOT give you a "pain" shot.. I will take my way of facing death, thank you..
If I moved to Saudi Arabia and demanded they celebrate Christmas or demand they NOT celebrate Ramadan just what do you think they would do??? Isn't this the point?? We were founded as a Christian nation, so if you move here then you should probably keep that in mind and not demand that we celebrate your old country's (the one you left) traditions.. To me this is SOOOO logical, so if someone can enlighten me I would appreciate it... You do realize that in a democracy the majority rule and Muslims have LOTS of kids.. Glad I will be gone by then, your country, so you decide what you want the future to be..
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Big Truthy Is Watching (Some of) You

Barnlady Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 9:16 AM
I think I remember a "sloppy" break-in at the Democrat Headquarters took out a president.. Now, the IRS can intimidate, stall(3 years), shutdown any Republican organization without anyone batting an eye.. My, my times have changed..
Gee, but wouldn't that "drain" Hollywood of all that loss money??
Here in Oregon they kept telling us that we need to pass the law to legalize marijuana so we can fund treatment programs for those addicted to marijuana.. Gee, why don't we get rid of the "stuff" and then we won't have to pay for programs for those addicted to the "stuff"... Lets make it free so Johnny won't kill Grandma for $20 for a fix.. We can provide a fenced in area and let them "toke up" to their hearts content and leave the rest of us alone..
So true, but have you ever tried to talk about the cold weather to a Global Warming fanatic?? Big waste of time.. Just like the ship full of scientists going to the south pole to measure the "disappearing" ice and gets "stuck" in that "disappearing" ice and NO ONE SAYS A THING, they should have been laughing their heads off...
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Time To Obey God Rather Than Man

Barnlady Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 5:46 PM
I do agree with you and try to say that I will not approve of "gay" marriage in love but most just think I am being "old fashioned".. But I am a "stickler" on accuracy.. Like the picture at the front of the article, JESUS is not on the cross anymore, HE has risen and is in heaven at the right hand of GOD. To show HIM hanging on the cross is wrong, maybe even blasphemy.. Its hard to talk to people about eternal life if your GOD is "dead" and hanging on a cross.. The better news is the empty tomb!!
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Be An Uncle Tom for Life

Barnlady Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 8:40 PM
Excellent article Mr. Bomberger.. I think the plight of welfare/food stamps is destroying the black family.. Rewarding young girls for having children out of wedlock or providing "free" abortions, both scar young women.. It takes two to create a child so where is the accountability for the fathers?? If every father had to support all the children he fathered there would be a lot less illegitimate children.. This whole "house of cards" will fall as China will stop lending us money to fund all the "SNAP" accounts and then how are these women going to house, feed, and cloth all those children?? Real
I am continually amazed at all the mentally challenged Americans.. How in the world do women believe that they will take away birth-control??? They just can't be that stupid.. Is America full of morons?? If you don't pay taxes then you should have NO say in how the money is spend.. No taxes, no vote... China will not keep loaning us money to fund all of the "SNAP" accounts.. They will call in our loans and we will have to declare bankruptcy and then how will we suppose the 45% of the people currently on the "dole"??? The problems we will have will make Ferguson look like a party...
Can you imagine what would happen if the sheet would have had anything about Christianity?? We allow Muslims in, have the kids dress like Muslims, celebrate Muslim holidays, study the Koran.. What is next, how to cut off heads??? Stupid public schools, kick GOD out and study old allah, the moon idol.. Where the ACLU?? We will regret this after they declare jihad on America by the millions of Muslims currently living here.. GOD does not suffer insult forever..
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