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Will a Muslim woman please tell me why any woman would want to be a Muslim?? Islam is a religion made by a man for men.. Mohammed said men are for paradise, women are for hell.. Christianity offers heaven for anyone who accepts JESUS's payment for their sins.. Islam requires a man to kill a non-muslim to be assured to get into paradise and get their 72 virgins.. Wait a moment, I thought the women are in hell.. Are these virgins men?? Ewwww.. Simple, Islam = hate; Christianity = love, some choice, huh...
Of course there is no job listings.. Like the young lady said when they ask her if she was looking for a job?? No, I get checks from the government, I don't need a job.. What are all these people going to do when China stops lending us money??
Mr. Jackson, your article was very insightful... I would like to see more done to require fathers to be in the family unit but as long as illegitimacy is rewarded and nothing is required from the "baby" daddies I don't see how this will happen.. Welfare should be limited to a short period while the mother gains job skills.. More than two illegitimate children should require intervention.. Young black males that do not want to finish school should be given a job working on infrastructure.. It would cheaper than keeping them in jail... I don't feel anyone is willing to do the hard work that these changes would require..
How can they do anything because Obama will veto it??
I find it amazing that the Muslims can say, with a straight face, it is un-Islamic to kill innocent people.. November count is over 5,000..Lying is their thing..
Dear Buzz sorry that you don't see the difference between Christians and Muslims... Christians help people, Muslims kill people, its really simple... On my death bed I am going to be excited for the next step, you will be screaming like Gilda Radner for the nurse to not give her a pain shot because she was terrified of dying.. Your choice..
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Muslim go BOOM!

Barnlady Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 3:34 PM
Mr. Matt Barber I am so impressed with your article.. This is so refreshing to hear someone finally tell the truth about Muslims.. I do not believe we will react in time to save ourselves from this horrid religion.. I doubt that we are up to what it would take to stop these disciples of Satan.. They teach Palestinian children(young/6 and up) that it is good to kill Jews.. You do realize that there are billions of them, right??
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Boehner Bombs the Base

Barnlady Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 3:09 PM
Does anyone but me remember how well shutting down the government worked last time?? Yes, a majority Republicans got elected, but they are not in office yet, so if the Republicans had stopped the budget from passing all the media would still be yelling about the obstructionist Republicans.. If they changed anything do you think that Obama would have signed it??? Now, come January they will have a majority and I believe enough to stop Obama amnesty for millions of illegals.. Remember they have to have enough to override his veto.. I guarantee that he will be furious.. Dictators do not handle opposition well..
Don't worry, China will soon stop lending us money and we will have to declare bankruptcy and those lovely moochers will have to figure out how to feed those dozen or so kids they have.. So if a country works hard for a better life then the rest of the world thinks that they have the right to go to that country and live off of them..
Yes, but why would the courts "kill" it?? The judges don't care if he lies every time he opens his mouth because "truth" is no longer respected.. The "Supremes" already said it was a tax, sooooo?? They said Obamacare was so everyone would have insurance and then they tell us that there will still be uninsured in greater number irregardless..
I believe every child needs two parents.. I believe in freedom but when you have 10,12, 17 illegitimate children just so you can get more welfare money something needs to change.. There is no way that woman is raising a good citizen but more likely a "thug".. Have you listened to the vile stuff that comes out of Michael Brown's mother's mouth?? The illegitimacy rate would drop dramatically if every child had to be supported by both his parents.. We have a lot of infrastructure that needs to be rebuild/repaired, instant jobs that would be covered by our current massive welfare funds.. They interviewed one overweigh young man that was proud that he had fathered 18 kids and he didn't work nor support any of them.. If the lady didn't want to identify the father then she could provide all the support.. I know none of this will happen because we would be told that would be cruel.. Buy plenty of ammo because when China stops lending us money and we go bankrupt the "have-not" will be coming for the worker/saver..
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