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Barnlady Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 10:22 AM
John, why didn't you give the current poverty rate?? The war on poverty hit its 50th year and I believe the war is lost.. When 45% of voters are on the "dole" then they are going to vote in whoever promises to keep their "SMAP" accounts funded...
Another Obama winning stimulus package.. I wonder how many more trillions he can add to the debt before he is out in 2 years?? Of course he may figure out a way to stay in power.. When 45% of the voters are on the "dole" that might not be so difficult... Obama only carried states with no voter ID required so the democrats motto of "vote early, vote often" could make sure he got elected.. One district in Florida had a 141% voter turn out of its registered voters.. Judge said that he didn't think there was anything illegal going on.. We are in sooo much trouble...
Its kind of sad when Democrats think it is fine to kill a republican and are surprised that we don't wish their deaths.. I don't think it is right to kill anyone just because you don't agree with them.. Now, with ISIS, that would be self-defense since I don't agree with them killing me.. I often wondered if Obama picked Biden for VP to discourage an assassination.. Reid follows Biden, good grief..
Ever time I think about "you can keep your doctor", "you can keep your hospital", and "you will save $2,000" I just "burn".. I hate to be lied to, and they knowingly lied...
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Who Needs Work When We Have Obama?

Barnlady Wrote: Oct 04, 2014 11:06 AM
Do you think maybe a minimum intelligence should be required to vote?? Then the Democrats couldn't bus their paid voters to all the polling places.. Democratic motto "vote early, vote often".. That is why Obama only won states with NO voter ID!!
When are the low-information voters going to wakeup?? Willful stupidity should be painful... I am so tired of talking to "blank" people with the truth and they just say "Oh, he would not tell us that if it were not true".. Yeah, and you can keep your doctor, right??
Sorry, since it is fine for a Muslim to lie, I simply don't EVER believe a word they say... I will judge them on what I see, killing Christians in Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, etc... Even killing children, what jewels..
Doug, finally someone that believes that we should invite ALL Muslims to return to their country of choice.. They may be moderate today but since their Koran REQUIRES them to kill ALL infidels(anyone not a Muslim) they could suddenly get with the program and be jihadist tomorrow... Please bulldoze all the mosques as they are just training centers for jihadist.. Oh boy, are we politically incorrect... We will only be considered correct when we are overrun with them, then it will be too late..
Well it was a good thing that the "boss" in More Okla. had a gun or the Muslim would still be cutting heads off... I have a feeling that when the Muslim "hoard" hits the US a lot of Americas are going to be glad that they have a gun too..
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Somali militants stone woman to death

Barnlady Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 2:16 PM
Have you noticed that men are never punished in ANY sexual transgression?? Remember according to the Koran men get paradise and women get hell.. Why are there female Muslims??
Ryan, excellent article.. Really sad but true..
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