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Doug, finally someone that believes that we should invite ALL Muslims to return to their country of choice.. They may be moderate today but since their Koran REQUIRES them to kill ALL infidels(anyone not a Muslim) they could suddenly get with the program and be jihadist tomorrow... Please bulldoze all the mosques as they are just training centers for jihadist.. Oh boy, are we politically incorrect... We will only be considered correct when we are overrun with them, then it will be too late..
Well it was a good thing that the "boss" in More Okla. had a gun or the Muslim would still be cutting heads off... I have a feeling that when the Muslim "hoard" hits the US a lot of Americas are going to be glad that they have a gun too..
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Somali militants stone woman to death

Barnlady Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 2:16 PM
Have you noticed that men are never punished in ANY sexual transgression?? Remember according to the Koran men get paradise and women get hell.. Why are there female Muslims??
Ryan, excellent article.. Really sad but true..
Well, the north part of America froze their "fannies" off this last winter.. In fact the Great Lakes froze solid for the first time in 100 years.. Does that really sound like global warming to you?? And this winter?? Well, several states had the earliest snow fall ever.. Get your winter coats handy for global warming.. If wasn't so stupid it would be funny...
OK John, how do you trust a "moderate" Muslim?? To me they are just disobedient as their Koran REQUIRES them to kill ALL infidels.. Why, if they reject this, are they still Muslims??? ALL Muslims are potential jihadist, scary huh?? How can we be guaranteed that the moderate Muslim won't decide to behead us tomorrow?? I would prefer to not have them in America, that at least gives us some protection or a running start..
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Two Anti-Choice Parties

Barnlady Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 4:23 PM
I almost agree with you... One thing that has choice and consequences is seat belts.. If a person does not want to wear one and has an accident becoming a "veggie" I am required to pay 100 of thousands of dollars to take care of them the rest of their lives.. How would people feel if we said you do not have to wear your seat belt but if you are in an accident we will not take care of any injuries as a result of your choice... Do you hear the screaming?? Just one thing to think about.. Drugs are another one.. Personally, I think the currently illegal ones ought to be super cheap and you can go to this building and "shoot-up" till you kill yourself.. I am tired of having to constantly guard my "stuff" because they are so desperate for their next "fix" that they would kill me for $20...
Mr. O is the king of dirty politics.. He can lie with a straight face and the media keeps fawning over him.. It makes one sick at their stomach.. I was so angry when he sat there and said that there was not a "smidgen" of evidence of corruption in the IRS scandal that I had to leave the room.. I had to repent of some of the unkind things I said about his parentage and his ability to guide the US...Then we hear that Lois Lerner's hard drive crashed right after congress asked for her e-mails, and then everyone she e-mailed had their hard drives crash, really?? Oh, and they are all backed up but it is too hard to get them.. Tell me again why you have back-ups but can't get to them.. Nothing to see here huh??? Oh that's right, its Bush's fault...
The scientist tell us, condescendingly, that "Global warming" is settled science.. These are the same "brilliant" ones that claim we came from "slime".. All I know is when you say that ALL of the ice should be melted by 2014 and we have more, then you are a fool and I am not listening to anything you say.. Of course, Obama is trying to destroy our economy because of global warming..
When 45% of the voters are on the "dole" they will vote to keep their "SNAP" accounts funded.. If you don't work/pay taxes then you should NOT be able to vote on how those funds are spent.. Taxpayers are sick of supporting the massive welfare class.. I watched the crowds of overweigh people spending the night rioting and am pretty sure they did not get up early the next morning and go to work.. Well, they trashed the stores that serve them, so where are they going to buy their food??
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