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Mr. O is the king of dirty politics.. He can lie with a straight face and the media keeps fawning over him.. It makes one sick at their stomach.. I was so angry when he sat there and said that there was not a "smidgen" of evidence of corruption in the IRS scandal that I had to leave the room.. I had to repent of some of the unkind things I said about his parentage and his ability to guide the US...Then we hear that Lois Lerner's hard drive crashed right after congress asked for her e-mails, and then everyone she e-mailed had their hard drives crash, really?? Oh, and they are all backed up but it is too hard to get them.. Tell me again why you have back-ups but can't get to them.. Nothing to see here huh??? Oh that's right, its Bush's fault...
The scientist tell us, condescendingly, that "Global warming" is settled science.. These are the same "brilliant" ones that claim we came from "slime".. All I know is when you say that ALL of the ice should be melted by 2014 and we have more, then you are a fool and I am not listening to anything you say.. Of course, Obama is trying to destroy our economy because of global warming..
When 45% of the voters are on the "dole" they will vote to keep their "SNAP" accounts funded.. If you don't work/pay taxes then you should NOT be able to vote on how those funds are spent.. Taxpayers are sick of supporting the massive welfare class.. I watched the crowds of overweigh people spending the night rioting and am pretty sure they did not get up early the next morning and go to work.. Well, they trashed the stores that serve them, so where are they going to buy their food??
The state I live in spends approximately $15,500 per child to educate.. I home schooled the first few years(after that Christian school), and I was considered a criminal for not sending my child to school(they did not know about her so I was never prosecuted).. Last year the local education system started an on-line school with the parent assisting the child to learn.. They changed their tune about the parent being able to educate a child.. I saved the state $201,500 so I am in favor of the state giving the parent some of that money and allowing them a choice of where they want their child to go.. This would save the state a lot of money and give the children a better education.. Remember, competition improves services..
Paul, breaking news, Putin could care less about the Russian citizens.. His only interest is to return Russia to their former glory.. He lives "large" and he does not care if the average citizen has a good life or not..
Baseball class?? All I can say is the last time I TRIED to watch a game the guys were scratching, spiting, and adjusting their "equipment"... Gross..
Mr. Autry, I think the greatest problem affecting the black community is the lack of fathers in the home.. The illegitimacy rate is atrocious, and the fact that, no work examples, are taught cripples children from the start.. Most black families are a black mother, on welfare, having many children so that her SNAP account is larger.. I did not make it this way, this is just the truth.. If every father(white or black) was REQUIRED to support every child he fathers I bet things would change FAST... I won't address the moral lapse as it is as great in the white population... I don't think Hollywood helps by glorifying criminal behavior and all types of immorality..
Dear Mr. Miller, enjoy your stay in North Korea... I assume you are crazy but that will probably change about year 6 or so.. See you in ten, if you make it..
The Muslim that left his job at the airport left behind his 9 children for us to house, feed, clothe and educate.. So, are we spending all this money to raise 9 future Muslim terrorist?? Why don't more Muslim speak out about the jihadist?? We don't have the "heart" to defeat ISIS.. Want to know why watch this: www.youtube.com/embed/Ry3NzkAOo3s?rel=0
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Is the Islamic State Really Un-Islamic?

Barnlady Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 10:25 AM
Unfortunately any Muslim that is not a jihadist is disobedient to the Koran that teaches to kill all infidels.. If you are brave watch this video: www.youtube.com/embed/Ry3NzkAOo3s?rel=0
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