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Liberal Logic: To Cut Spending You Have to Spend More

BarleyWheets Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 12:56 PM
I agree totally with Rep Gohmert On Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'I'm Embarrassed For This Generation' plus I am ashamed... that Americans re-elected a man that is not legally able to hold office of Presidency and he isn't cabable of being a leader plus he hates America and Americans .. he hates morality and he hates the "Republic for which we stand". WE need to force our congress to enforce and obey the US our forefathers intended. Make them understand it cannot be allowed to be deluted for their own personal gain.

At the White House once I was regaling him with local news from Champaign (which he was always ready to hear), and I said, 'Blank is dead; his extremely disloyal sentiments so provoked his neighbors that there was serious talk of inflicting vengeance on him, and he was found dead in bed—caused largely by fright.' This man was an old Whig friend of Lincoln, but the reason of his exit from life's trials amused him. His comment was, 'He died, then, to save his life, it seems.'"- Lincoln's Own Stories, Anthony Gross, HARPER & BROTHERS PUBLISHERS NEW YORK AND LONDON, 1912