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Though I appreciate the fact that Starbucks is honoring the 2nd amendment .. doesn't change the fact that they have the worst coffee out there... and that in most things they are very very liberal!
SECURE the Borders FIRST... then 6 months after the borders are 98% secure... We will look at the possibility of Amnesty..for ONLY those that have committed NO other crimes of any kind... and those that have jobs and can Speak & write English and are NOT receiving welfare, food stamps or FREE medical.. ! IF any illegals are receiving welfare, free medical, food stamps or have committed ANY other kind of crimes... they should be immediately shipped back to their OWN Nation. NO handouts to the illegals aliens... and their Amnesty stuff cannot take priority over those already in line!!
Liberal, racist, Muslim-terrorist deceitful, lying piece of $hit Obama NEEDS to be prosecuted and placed in prison... WHY isn't Congress doing their freaking JOBS???!
This is about as racist as you can get. You might as well call them the N word.. its the same thing.. Holding blacks, Hispanics or ANY race to a lower academic level.. insures their failure in life ..for jobs and everything else. The schools are basically saying your to dumb & stupid... to compete with white people. That is extremely racist!
Chris Matthews is an idiot .. first of all. Second Yes obama certainly should have an asterick by his name. As the first illegal president, the worst president that this Nation has every know, the man that refuses to salute the flag as it passes. The man that is trying to turn this Nation into a Godless, preverted, crime ridden political Nation. A communist/socialist Nation. Hes the man that sues the States for enforcing the law. Kisses illegal aliens behinds, and is trying to assist the Muslims that are trying to murder us! Oh yeah he needs an asterick by his name alright!
It is just plumb stupid for the government ANY government to control or make illegal ANYTHING you can grow in your own backyard. Pot is a natural product.. & safer than most any medication you can name. It is not addicting like alcohol or cigarettes and most medications. The ONLY reason a pot smoker would have a psychotic disorder like hallucinations, paranoia is because they are scared of being caught & being stupidly punished for something the government should not have their NOSE in! I do not take part anymore but I have much knowledge of this subject. Plus it has many many scientific proven health benefits that our stupid government won't even acknowledge..
I agree totally with Rep Gohmert On Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'I'm Embarrassed For This Generation' plus I am ashamed... that Americans re-elected a man that is not legally able to hold office of Presidency and he isn't cabable of being a leader plus he hates America and Americans .. he hates morality and he hates the "Republic for which we stand". WE need to force our congress to enforce and obey the US Consitution..as our forefathers intended. Make them understand it cannot be allowed to be deluted for their own personal gain.
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