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Poor women may do that. Wealthy and middle class women will do as they've always done, and currently do in places where birth control/abortion are difficult to access or are illegal. They can afford to travel to a place where it's legal. I don't know what we have to offer that demographic of women other than to try to change their hearts and minds. I've found that can be a difficult thing to accomplish when one can afford to do as they please. I wish I knew of a better way, because it's heartbreaking.
Why aren't you a proponent of abstinence for sons? If you're a pro-life male, keep it in your pants and you won't ever be an unwitting party to abortion. If you're a pro-life male and you CAN'T manage to do that, then you're likely not mature enough to engage in intercourse in the first place.
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Choose Life, Choose a Family

Barbur Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 10:12 PM
At the beginning of time.
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