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Maxine, the idiot, is someone that the latte one is very proud to know, and am sure that he will give her the medal of dubious honor of being the most stupid and asinine black ever to tread the corridors of government. She should be kicked out and made to retire in the backwoods of her state. God forbid that we have to suffer her stupidity any longer.
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Hillary’s Histrionics Hide Truth

barbPatton Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 9:41 AM
Mrs Magoo with her quasi thick coke bottle glasses curdled my blood in disgust and does not deserve to be allowed to represent WE THE PEOPLE in any capacity. She does not get an Oscar for me, after all said and done, what are ONLY 4 Americans who died on her watch???????
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Christmas for Obama Bundlers

barbPatton Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 2:25 PM
He will only send people to these 3rd world countries that he does not like or is hoping will be killed by rabid muslim terrorists.
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Laughing Out Loud at Obama

barbPatton Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 8:35 AM
This makes for dismal reading. Bring in the clowns!! when all of them are clowns and fools. How dare the ayatollah barack think that we are all fools and idiots..WE THE PEOPLE have been bled dry already and when something is backed into a corner, with their backs against a wall, well then that is the time to get a spurt of bravery and dash out fighting for ones life. will the lilywhite cowardly republicans do that?? I think not. They will bend over and acquiesce and allow the ayatollah to ride roughshod over all of us. GOD HELP AMERICA
The fact that the democrats in this country can read this without flinching and continue to support the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama is beyond my comprehension. They do not seem to realize and/or understand that they too are under scrutiny and will also be treated in this most terrible way and not only the republicans and "honkeys"/"crackers". I am of an age that I am eligible to be placed on a death panel, however, a little baby is impossible for me to comprehend. We have murder by abortion and murder by withholding nourishment - Suffer little children to come unto me.
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Let's Tax Matt Damon

barbPatton Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 10:26 AM
I absolutely agree with you - merely because it is the lemmings and the sheep that make these vapid actors famous and rich - why not go after them and take all their money and give it to the underprivileged...
One of the major reasons why all these democratic "ideas" fail is because of human greed and corruption.
The workers with corrupt unions have the power to bring down any country. Look at Greece. Enough said.
Great pity - he was perpared to lay his life on the line and prove that there was huge voter's fraud - and, no one was prepared to stand by him.. what is wrong with that picture?
, the ayatolla barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama, has really worked very hard to help America go down the tubes.Hhe believes that he is the MHADI that the islamic world has been waiting for. WE THE PEOPLE - has many many white media reporters ask him questions and he will NEVER ANSWER. He feels that he is "above" all of the daily grind and nonsense. we will always be in the dark and the media will continue making up fairy tales. about how great and wonderful is our leader. We live in dangerous times and the sheeple and lemmings will continue to follow the pied piper from hell, happily and blindly. No he has done well. I
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