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America's Coastal Royalty

Barbaric Bird Wrote: Nov 29, 2013 1:17 AM
There is a wealthy suburb in the north part of Raleigh, NC called Cary--Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.
The best summation of the past week was given by John Hayward: "But even as the aristocracy luxuriates in the highest level of power – the ability to not only pass laws, but ignore them – demands for compliance and obedience from the rest of us grow more strident. Look at the rhetoric Democrats have employed during the past few weeks, referring to their opponents as terrorists, hostage-takers, and even traitors. The President is fond of statements such as, 'The time for talk is over.' That means the time for obedience is at hand. Dissent, resistance, and escape are intolerable. People say they don’t like politics. Why would anyone who truly feels that way support an ideology that politicizes every aspect of our lives? If we don’t like partisan squabbling, why give the political class so much to squabble over? Why would anyone who truly loves freedom applaud the loud demands for obedience and submission that fill every hour of the day? You need money and property to exercise your will; when the government claims more of both, through taxes, mandates, and regulations, your will becomes less significant." At what point do we reach serfdom?
Sorry, Hugh--I have tried listening to you for the past week, and have to turn you off after an hour. We have no compelling interest in Syria. The Big O is just leading from behind and wants the Republicans to take the blame for his foreign policy blunders. This is also a distraction for the upcoming Debt Ceiling brouhaha--which will come much quicker with war in Syria.
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5 Reasons Not To Bomb Syria

Barbaric Bird Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 1:14 AM
The Big O is making another campaign stop in California this weekend, so nothing has changed.
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International House of Mortgages

Barbaric Bird Wrote: Aug 29, 2013 9:35 AM
OPIC needs to be defunded, pronto.
If you factor in the inflation of food & fuel (which is now excluded), real growth is slightly negative.
Seems to me, that according to the will (and the wishes of her deceased husband), those who contest it only receive $5. What HR wants to do when she dies is another matter.
No pensions for elected officials. 401K-type plans for everyone else. All laws apply to gov't employees from the President to the lowliest paper pusher.
Sounds like we need to have "Pop Tart Protests" and contests to see who can make the best weapon. Are any of you Millennial students up to the challenge?
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Where Have All Our Houses Gone

Barbaric Bird Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 3:38 PM
Sounds like you are in San Bernardino, CA.
The House Republicans are playing a fools game. They are essentially saying, "Let's dig the debt hole a little less deeper than the Democrats." In reality, we are still approaching national insolvency, just a little slower than if the Democrats had free rein. When you are near the edge of the cliff, there is no compromise between the one who wants to step away and the one who wants to take a large step over. The little step over is just as deadly. In the real world, there is no compromise between financial solvency (paying your debts) and bankruptcy, it is one or the other. The only difference, is when countries go bankrupt, the result is a breakdown in markets and violence in the streets.
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