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All of us need to demand from our legislatures, first to appeal Obama Care and second to force every representative to sit in on every propsed law and have it read to them. I don't care if it takes a month. This bill was too important to every man, woman and child in this country. The Democrats voted on it blind and every American will suffer from this. My insurance is private and has gone, up 31% in two years. This is only the beginning. The one thing I wish the Country can call for, before it's too late, is a vote on who wants this bill to go through. I am hopeful the Obama followers will come to their senses if that takes place. For now we are on a song and a prayer. Our country will be another failed Socialist Country, unfortunate
Interesting analogy. First, i believe there was so much fruad in this election, that the results are bogus. There was also 3 precincts in Ohio without one vote for Romney. Then we find that a precinct worker, up on charges, voted not twice, but 6 times. She thought there was nothing wrong with it. The voting machines, from what I understand can be changed to just enough votes for the person they want to win. The program disappears after voting. I would love to have all that voted Romney in those precints to come forward. They were bussing in people from Chicago to Wisconsin to vote. The man from a news station saw this and wrote about it. They were all discussing how they needed to get back to Chicago with their Bears sweatshirts on.
Very well said! I couldn't agree with you more. Too bad the citizens of this country that voted Obama back in, are so gullible, they still believe what he says. It's sad they tore Romney apart and he didn't put up a good enough defense. We would be seeing the country start to turn around already. This seems like the plan to turn our nation into a Socialist state. Unfortunately, it is working. Shame on him and Congress for not having the voice to explain this. MSM has people brain washed. So many haven't put any research into what happened to us the last 4 years. Propaganda, like what Obama is saying now, is working for those that don't hear the truth. Obama made this sequester and now he blames it on the Republicans.
You are telling us the exact things the far left says and does. So funny how people get brain washed.
I'm sure Basrney got a pretty penny. I wonder how he sleeps at night.
It's amazing that he slipped right out of this mess and wasn't held responsible. I would like to know how the housing collapse had anything to do with Bush. The derivitives packaged by many, including the very greedy, knew they were bundling bad paper. It affected the whole world economy. Bush was as surprised as most of us. I saw the loo on his face when he told the country what was going on. No one has been held accountable, but Bush and it wasn't his fault.
Let's see if you understand math. Which is greater? 4 Trillion over 8 years, or 6 Trillion over 4 years? HMMM....maybe you don't understand. Maybe you will find that this was a housing collapse not caused by Bush, but started under Clinton to get everyone into homes, whether they can afford it or not. Maybe you should look at Barney Frank who refused to do an audit on Freddie and Fannie when Bush asked him to. This had nothing to do with Bush. We had 911 under Bush. He handled like a great President should, not like Banghazi is being handled. What is this Nazi stuff? If you are refering to the way this country is going now...the Socialist way..I may have some agreement with you. It won't be long before we don't recognize the U.S.
It seems the POTUS can't understand the concept of reducing tax rates and limiting deductions. It will achieve the same thing, if not more tax money. He doesn't understand math and he admitted it on The Leno Show. He said he is lost past 7th grade math. Why is he going to rob from the job producers? I already know from my business we are declining further. You can see from the jobs numbers this week we are falling. The businesses didn't expect Romney to lose. To many are unsure what will happen and the "fiscal cliff" has added to uncertainty. 700 points down on the Dow which represents about 700 billion dollars. While so many voted for "free stuff", we may be witnessing a collapse of this country. Then there will be no free stuff
It's in the Constitution!
Wasn't stock prices up over 14,000 under Bush? Hasn't the market gone down almost 500 pts. since the election? Why is any of this GW Bush's fault. This came from the housing market. As I recall Bush asked several times dear Barney Frank for an audit on Fannie and Freddie and he guaranteed they were fine. The economy crash wasn't Bush's fault. This entire housing problem and derivitives started under Clinton. Give housing to those that can't afford it. Derivitives packaged and resold. Watch the movie on PBS called The Warning. That is a documentary that shows how the housing market collapsed. It is a rude awakening to those blaming Bush. This is all about Clinton and the new Mayor of Chicago that started this entire thing.
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