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I would like to see how far this world would go, if men and women did not procreate! What idiots these women are!
Even Gloria Stienham finally got married, and realized how wonderful it was, and how wonderful the man is...whom she married! and ...I bet those women who were quoted above are some really UGLY women!
Just picture every word that comes from his mouth is preceded by the words...This is a lie!
Establishment Republican not a Conservative. Time for him to go! It more important to him to keep his seat than do what We The People want!
The military retired are ticked off at Ryan too.
Very narcissistic approach to this article. It is called projecting. Look it up!
I am beginning to believe Obama is a Hezbollah member!
His Momma couldn't read or write, probably. Ooooo was that racist?
Crony crony crony!!! More corruption. Less enforcement! HE won't last! If the House has investigated DHS...What were the results? Anything? Or all hot air? What happened with the union law suit? Those poor law enforcement officers, under DHS! I feel so sorry for them! They cannot do their job, and DHS, and Obama, put them in harms way by NOT letting them enforce the law. Former Law Enforcement...here.
Where does it say that?
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