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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Barbara364 Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 8:46 AM
Despite the fact that Columbus truly did not discover "America", it has been an Italian Holiday for decades and until now minus the liberal attacks on any day set aside to recognize the melting pot of our nation (agreeing that indigenous day is moronic)....it has remained a wonderful holiday. It recognizes an ethnic background that came to the United States LEGALLY and contributed to the making of our nation. Perhaps, you are not of Italian decent and harbor resentment toward these people. Seattle is sort of like California - a mixture of fruits and nuts. If you want a Constitution Day then create a movement for it and I surely will assist you in it...it's a great idea. But don't take away what people have celebrated for years. There is Puerto Rican Day, Gay Pride Day, Irish Day, etc. This is ridiculous and hurtful to a people who have worked hard and contributed so much. Consider all the unnecessary changes taking place by EXECUTIVE ORDER... The celebration has NEVER hurt any one...nor have the other days set aside for recognition!!!!!!!!!!!! How about you reconsider you thought process.....after all Seattle did not exist till well after America was formed and at that represents to the rest of America a very convoluted and strange city. YES....I have been there and YES I know people there. Heaven only knows why someone lives there. AND YES, I am of Italian decent and damn proud of it. My family came here legally and worked hard....very hard. Never taking a hand out...and avoided the criminal side (and I acknowledge there was one) side of their development. A STUPID HOLIDAY....shame on you. AND YES THERE IS A PRESIDENTS DAY.
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Rand Paul’s Support for Israel

Barbara364 Wrote: May 07, 2014 9:03 AM
William41: Totally agree with your comments on Glick and especially Rand Paul. But Israel is not stealing Palestinian land as there is NO STATE OF PALESTINE..it is an occupied territory and has no legal leg to stand on. For your edification read how Israel came to be a State after WWII and the litany of Muslim issues that followed over the years. While I agree that it is unwise for Israel to build new homes in this "occupied territory" - it is not illegal rather brash. Without going into detail, I know Israel due to family connections and visit there every year. Albeit I am not Jewish, I have come to know the country, its people and its culture. With this knowledge I know what the Palestinians do to ISRAEL...even the Muslim population in Israel (which is huge) and it is insurmountable in unprovoking terror and murder.
This is a rampant disease that has spread and sickened America in general. We now cowl to unethical and illegal posed expectations of teachers, officials, reporters and a good degree of the general public. I have no answer...but for sure I wish there was a means by which to band together and stop this invasion of rights. Make note there have been issues before Obama but since his Presidency began....the liberal right winger now feels he or she has a leg to stand on to put forth their opposition to the Constitution. It will only get worse...and even when O leaves office we will be left scared forever.
In response to optimita...your heart is in the right place but you alllegiance to America is deeply flawed. Obama has know of his Aunt's position - setting aside HER responsiblities - and ignored her. In lieu of providing assistance in her legal position that SHE put herself in, he did nothing. She is the poster child of Obama when it comes to do what I say not as I do. SHE has always known she was here illegally and did not give a damn. This speaks of arrogance and disregard. While here death is a family matter, it is not mine. I despise those here illegally and refuse to show sympathy...but alas, none of that means anything as Washington will do nothing.
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Memo to the Gang of 15

Barbara364 Wrote: Dec 28, 2013 10:09 AM
Earl29 - Chris Christie is a turn coat and a grave disappointment...so thanks for the blog. Nori2 - totally agree - to vote is an honor. If you don't vote....keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Soldiers Head Home for the Holidays

Barbara364 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 4:36 PM
May God bless you all and know that we are ever grateful for your service.
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Obama and the Redneck Tenors

Barbara364 Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 5:52 PM
This is not funny and making it so is disappointing coming from bloggers. The man is STEALING my money and yours. He has no ethics, no morals, no conscience and no pride. He doesn't work, he steals from those he is supposed to lead, he lies, it's never his fault....oh hell, the SOB is robbing us again. And we can do nothing about it.
My goodness, your really don't like Republicans...do you. How easy it is for your to blame Repulicans for EVERY THING going astray in America. 1. voter ID cards are a positive means by which to acknowledge the legitimacy of a voter - seems simple! 2. Oh for sure, Republicans want to repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1965 - golly this "secret" as you put it must be because YOU say so. 3. You are quite right about the Obama's birth certificates...but this issue comes from both sides of the fence. I am not a Republican and I sure as heck question where he was born!!!! As a matter of fact, all I have read or research assures "me" that he is a Muslim. I question your blog name "religious" and wonder if you have chosen to castrate those who do not agree with you....a true Christian has a broader mind and does not damn those for their positions on life. Your blog about Jews is reveals an ignorance of equating horror to problems. Again, religious, that statement is offensive...which makes you offensive.
There is much interest in the federal government creating standards in our schools. But I just have to do this to you, Michael Schauss...you don't know your grammer! Ex: "that some of the opposition to the CCSS has come from". If you are going to be a writer or journalist....you had best know your grammar as to someone such as myself who absolutely comes from the part of society that HAD to learn grammar and all its components. It is "that some of the opposition to the CCSS HAVE come from". Learn your nouns, pronouns, prepositions, etc. Or is it that you never were taught such a proper thing in school. I realize I am making a big thing our of what most people and you would think small and irrelevant BUT I am sick to death of the abuse of English. It has been stomped on, dismissed and considered irrelevant. Well, it isn't....especially if your job places you in the public eye.
Sadly, what this article is about has been going on for decades and will continue despite anything the West has to say. Madison is quite correct...any aide we give to countries never reaches the "people" in need. Go to China and/or India and just experience the lack of caring for the common people. As far as Mag...sorry, but no Muslim woman is experiencing a better life due to our aide. Perhaps there may be situations where a Muslim woman has just taken a risk to improve her life's conditions...but it is without aide. WE cannot change what is. Sad but true.
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