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Milwaukee K-12 Teachers Offered College Credit to ‘Heal’ Their ‘Racism’

Barbara3135 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 5:15 PM
I have never exhibited any 'racist' behavior. I don't know anyone who has! But we are continually being accused of being racist. I'm really getting tired of it. Just because we are of white, we are racists. And, minorities are constantly reminded that they are being discriminated against. Some minorities already exhibit an 'attitude' before they even know me. Then, it is hard to act 'natural' around them. I grew up in a small town out in the boondocks where there were practically no minorities. But I heard about how people were so racist toward people of other races. So, when I went to jr. college I tried to be especially nice to people of color because I thought that no one else would even talk to them. I was so dumb!

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association is distributing a flyer to its members, encouraging them to attend a series of “Healing Racism Workshops,” reported exclusively.

Held over eight Wednesdays at the First Unitarian Society, the sessions will allow educators to receive graduate school credit through Madison’s Edgewood College.

In most school districts, more graduate school credits equate to more pay for teachers.

The flyer reads:

“We have all ‘been assigned a race by America’s pervasive socialization process.’ (Learning To Be White, Thandeka) This racial conditioning permeates the fabric of our inter-personal and inter-group relations, taking...