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They should never be able to ride a bus again. The taxpayers pay for the buses and we have a right to deny violent kids to ride the bus.
What if that kid had a gun or a knife? He would now be facing murder charges. The three others were probably little boys of 16. I wish they would quit saying the boy who was beaten 'only had a broken arm.' With all those punches, he must have been bruised and injured all over. The national media have been caught with their pants down on this one. They are the racists they constantly name-call others.
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Random Thoughts

Barbara3135 Wrote: Jul 23, 2013 11:43 PM
Thank you Thomas Sowell - you always have wise words for us.
I'm curious -- will the diploma say Black Graduation Diploma? That way it will be obvious that it is just a certificate of attendance. What about black students who want to excel? How will they be able to navigate this minefield? Or Hispanics. To what level will Asian students be held to? Will they have to be better than the white kids? This is absolutely the stupidest plan ever. Considering the fact that I think people in Alabama are of a lower intelligence generally. shouldn't the Alabama students overall have a different standard than students in other states? ( I'm being sarcastic here.) Not only is this completely idiotic and unfair to all of the students, it is ripe for a lawsuit.
When you order something online, you don't have to pay sales tax, but you do have to pay shipping costs. It seems fair to me that we don't have to pay sales tax. You usually have to pay the same price that you would have to pay locally, if the item were available. My husband and I were both overweight (thankfully, we have both lost weight) and we had to order our clothes from catalogs. Some of the catalogs had stores within our state so we had to pay the sales tax, but for others we didn't have to pay the sales tax, which alleviated the burden. There are little niche things that aren't found anywhere but in catalogs and it's a pain to have to pay more and more for them. It's also nice not to have to browse up and down store aisles.
but the Libs publish anything they want to. They also can opon and publish confidential records -- see how Obama caused his Illinois Senate opponent to withdraw- he somehow opened sealed divorce records of his opponent, which publicly put out details that may have been only the vitriol and lies of an ugly divorce. He also did the same thing to a later opponent, I don't remember who.
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How Liberals Live

Barbara3135 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 2:08 AM
don't get it -- has Ted Turner bought property in Boulder? They don't mention it in the rest of the article. I do agree that their zoning and property laws are bizarre and don't make any sense, until you realize that they are keeping the middle class out of their town. And the poor in the homeless shelter probably don't vote. (Not because they're poor, but because they are homeless and presumably aren't registered to vote). These elitists want things to stay the way they are. Middle class people would vote. I am wondering if the homeless shelter is far away from the exculsive homes of the rich?
I have never exhibited any 'racist' behavior. I don't know anyone who has! But we are continually being accused of being racist. I'm really getting tired of it. Just because we are of white, we are racists. And, minorities are constantly reminded that they are being discriminated against. Some minorities already exhibit an 'attitude' before they even know me. Then, it is hard to act 'natural' around them. I grew up in a small town out in the boondocks where there were practically no minorities. But I heard about how people were so racist toward people of other races. So, when I went to jr. college I tried to be especially nice to people of color because I thought that no one else would even talk to them. I was so dumb!
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Bad Parents, Poor Kids

Barbara3135 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:53 PM
The "lazy poor" who are too lazy to go to the trouble of shopping, preparing food for their children are the very people who are too lazy to spend time with their precious children. Not all the poor are lazy, but enough of them are that these children are being sent to the fast-food places for food and are not being read to or interacted with at home. Of course, then the Libs are blaming the government for not spending more money on more programs.
On thing Michael Moore doesn't realze is that the 18-30-year-olds are going to grow up and buy property and have children --they will become more conservative, especially since all of us old people haven't died yet.
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