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Bare Legs or Pantyhose at Job Interviews?

Barbara3135 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 2:45 AM
I would think the same way I think when I hear someone new to our community describing how bad her/his last community was: they will probably like this city the same way! Yes, there are some bad bosses and bad workplaces -- there are also people who have complaints about everything.

DEAR JOYCE: What is the current thinking on whether or not to wear pantyhose to a job interview? I think it's an outdated idea, especially in the summer, but my mother thinks I'll look tacky if I go bare-legged. Who's right? -- J.J.

When in Rome, dress as Romans -- costume yourself to look as though you belong in the culture where you're interviewing.

Discover what the natives wear by (1) asking the human resources department about the company's dress code, (2) finding a chatty employee who can give you the pantyhose news, or (3) loitering near the workplace to directly...

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