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High Point For Hillary Clinton?

Barbara25 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 4:41 PM
and Beluga caviar, just tuna on a triscuit. BOO HOO !
Harry is a Mormon IN NAME ONLY.He even lies to GOD when he says YES to: "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man" ? YES, he should receive dis-fellowship from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, better yet EX-COMMUNICATED ! He is a disgrace.
Harry Reid is the "mother-of-all-liars #2, next to obama", is a deceitful and egregious politician, and a disgrace to the state of Nevada, and his perhaps Mormon faith. I wouldn't trust this man any further than I could pick him and throw him. ANOTHER Washington DC "SNAKE OIL SALESMAN".
Same punishment that always happens to minority Democratic puppets...nutin'. Is this not the same man that was Mayor of "Norlins", when Katrina happened, and led the vocal charges & castigation of Geo. W. Bush's inept handling of the situation. And, was he not the same person that ordered all the school buses & mobile home trailers that sat idle & empty for months & months,& months, never used, And, was he not the person that pushed & bitched for the financial aid "credit cards" so local people could buy groceries & other NECESSITIES, but were later revealed to be used for Designer Handbags at $800+ and for trips to manicurists for Acrylic Nails at $75 a trip, and for Hair salon visits for "Corn Row" braids or Dred Locks, or purchases of expensive athletic shoes & clothing with "Saints" emblems on them ??? Yep, that sounds like Ray Nagin's penchant for WASTING TAXPAYER MONIES. If he gets even a year of prison, I will be surprised & shocked. ( Not with his BFF's eric holder and barack obama in Washington). The haranguing of GWB went on for gee, what, 6 or 7 years ? By March 1st, 2014, you won't hear ANOTHER word about this.
Her ex-husband was the forward on San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker. Now she is running around with (or after) Mark Sanchez, the fizzled out quarterback of the New York Jets. She must have a thing for "Jocks" whose names are in the paper frequently, and if she attends one of their games, she knows the camera's will find her somewhere in the crowd. ACTRESS is a stretch, she can't ACT her way out of a theater restroom, but she can play the part of ho's and adulterers really, really well, show off her legs and low cut necklines, but she has a typical Hollywood Bimbo's mentality.
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Romney Ad: No Laughing Matter

Barbara25 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 2:52 PM
You could probably start with: 1) THE BLACK PANTHERS (lots more members than you realize), 2) The Militant Factions of the "Occupy Wall Street" movements in many major cities in the country, and then there are 3) all the Converts to MUSLIM in EVERY STATE'S PRISON SYSTEM across America . (I hope our populace isn't naive enough or doesn't believe that all these "lost persons/criminals" sought out Muslimism, because of THEIR NEW FOUND STRONG COMMITMENT TO A RELIGIOUS FAITH )? They are all looking forward to the day of a call to Jihad, when they can riot, & take out their hatred for & on the predominately WHITE legal system that put them there. That is good for starters... and NO, this isn't a RACIST DIATRIBE, it is the truth.
You just keep sipping on that Kool Aid 8080. obama and his 'chain-gang' veep are flailing at ANY twig floatin' down da' river, which eventually leads to the big cesspool, which is where they both belong. Matter-of-fact, let's put ALL THOSE unnecessary federal office workers out on the unemployment lines their beloved "One" created & perpetuates (beginning right at the TOP). Doesn't HE remind us all that " HE feels our pain " ???
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Obama-Biden: Hope and Chains

Barbara25 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 11:32 AM
Your column title should be " MOPE & CHAINS"......... Everyone reading these pages should go on line and find a nearby theater willing to show the movie " 2016 " about obama's blueprints for America following his father's DREAMS. Their ads read: " You may like him, you might hate him, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW HIM". Denish D'Souza KNOWS him, and will " tell it all" . STAND UP AMERICA !!
Ann....He does these things because he CAN, & because he got away with this ONCE and no one with any 'guts' attempted to stop it, and he will continue to do these things until Jan. 29, 2013 when the Bekins truck backs up to the WH to load their "LOOT" out. WATCH for all the despicable things he pushes through between November 7th and Inauguration Day !
Brilliant.......send a carton to California, and they can be used in San Bernadino, & Stockton. I'm sure there are more states with cities/towns hanging on by their fingernails that would take boxes & boxes. Old "Bumblestilskin Biden" couldn't find his own behind/with both hands/ in a well lit room. He keeps rehashing all these stories about his modest, blue collar upbringing, well guess that sort of cancels out his current Country Club membership, his face lifts/dental replacements/ and Viagra RX's, so he doesn't look as old as he is, next to his "Trophy" wife. Ryan has CLASS, where Joe is just CRASS.
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The Race Card Cometh Yet Again

Barbara25 Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 3:05 PM
A- men, Brother. Senator Lucas, and Maxine Waters are the ying/yang of black racism toward whites. They can't define which one's "hate the whities" more because they are mirror images of each other. I was born & raised in the Los Angeles area and I remember Maxine Waters when she was just a new member of the City Council (early 60's) & when the "Watt's riots" started, she was the first one out there flapping her big mouth off & urging "her folks" to take shots at the Police & particularly the Fire Dept. trying to save their businesses. If the blacks had a "KKK', both of these broads would be fighting to be "The Black Wizardess" !
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