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Question for Juan Williams: "If Joe Biden were really the mental Colossus that Juan is emoting over, why has the democratic national committee avoided nominating him for President in any of the four or five attempts Joe has made to run" ???? Being the "Veep" is the highest Joe will or could ever attain, and should consider himself darn lucky for that recognition. He was only put on the ticket for demo voter recognition because 4/5's of the country KNEW NOTHING ABOUT OBAMA, ( & still don't). Poor old Joe, he thinks it was because of his statesmanship !
Neither Joe Biden or ANY other Demo-politician would be out in a public venue applauding the Benefits or advantages of Labor Union (membership) or associations IF ANY of those Labor Unions were donating 75% of each of their member's dues to the REPUBLICAN PARTY OR ITS' CANDIDATES ! Blue collar labor union's members are the life line of the democratic party, and even though the Auto Worker's Union bankrupted General Motors with their outrageous retirement & medical benefits, they consider the "Great Redeemer in Washington" the greatest "prez", for bailing out the auto industry when in fact HE & his party were the reason for the problems in the first place. It is REVOLTING that the dems are always, always trying to pass themselves off as the crusaders for the "little guys" when in actuality, they are the ones that keep them in the "stranglehold" of slavery.
I am waiting for our very own Caliph in the WH to say: "IF I HAD ANOTHER SON, HE COULD BE MICHAEL BROWN ". Never a word out of him, ( or ole' Al Sharpton, Jesse, or Eric (the Red), denouncing the blacks in Chicago shooting 73 people over the 4th of July weekend. Gee, where were the 9 network news channels then, or the demonstrators, or the attorney for Trevon Martin ? WHY do those black victim's lives have no news value when they are shot/killed by other blacks, but when a (White) Police authority is involved, it is front page, or "This just in...." television coverage ???? I'm not convinced yet that Michael Brown was "the Choir Boy" they are attempting to portray him as.
The person they should have up there on that podium to interrogate, (instead of these "mealy mouthed" press secretaries), is that Iranian Bi*ch, Valarie Jarrett. She is the DIRECTOR & CONTROLLER of every decision (political & otherwise) coming out of the White House. barack obama doesn't make a move without her approval, and in fact, he couldn't pick out a tie from his closet without this "haridan" giving her approval. She, and MOOOchie plan to run off and (live??) in Europe together, after 2016. With all the millions they have bilked out of our citizens, they plan to leave bho in the dust, (to retrieve all of those "Out of Bounds" golf balls he's hit into hazards and then calls "gimme's"). The "potus" is just gearing up for his post White House appearances. GOD knows he hasn't accomplished a tinker's dam worth of "beneficial to ALL citizen's" work", since January 2009. But oh boy, do he and the misses do First Class vacations exceptionally well.
OR "take down" insurance policy.
IF Holder's opinion were the REAL reason people loathe and despise obama, WHY IS DR. BEN CARSON THE DARLING OF THE EXTREME RIGHT & TEA PARTY ?????
They did ! Her name is Lois Lerner
Great going Murrieta ! Give 'em hell ! Maybe there is SOME hope for Californication yet.
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Iraq: Romney Was Right, Obama Was Wrong

Barbara25 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 6:55 PM
Romney was right about way more (during the debates) than the brainless msm gave him credit for. (Especially after the performance of CNN's Pillsbury Dough Girl, Ms.Candy Crowley , that should have earned her an award). Had obama not been " coached" ahead of time by his head cheerleaders, he would not have had any answers on the Second Debate either, like he didn't on the first one..
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The 'Obama Brand' in Crisis

Barbara25 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 5:53 PM
You left out one large group of the "Cult of Personality" group......95% of the membership of the Screen Actors Guild. Rumors have it that George Clooney will run for Governor of Calif. in 2016, with eyes on running for President in 2022. WHEN will this narcism ever end ??
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