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Gold Down In Early Trading

Barbara213 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 5:04 PM
Sterling place settings from Gorham? . How much more or less than coins is the value? barbjohnson74@gmail.com
Our judiciary is just as bad as those entities written about in this article. Around 1880, a U.S. Supreme Court justice (Field, with a bald head and a flowing beard) wrote in Bradley v. Fisher that judges had judicial immunity even if they acted with malice and were corrupt. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts--and perhaps some of the remaining 49 States--have a rule,,8.4(d), that says criticism of the judiciary interferes with the administration of justice. Using that rule they disbar lawyers who speak out against the judiciary, AND lawyers do NOT NOT NOT have First Amendment rights in the Commonwealth. The terrible consequences of those laws are horrendous. They support the SILENCE you speak of. The courts shall do nothing to correct it.
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