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The Palins Versus the Critics

Barbara1756 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 9:37 PM
I am just amazed at the Palin's strength. What a bunch of pathetic "journalists" that pick on a nice family just because - wait - what was that again? They love each other, are good looking, believe in good things and are Christian and very courageous. God bless them. No one expects them to be perfect, but we do expect the "media" to be fair. (At least we used to.) Now, they have the Romney family to go after - yeah they have many of the same qualities - so they must be reviled.

From our seats in front of the television, it certainly feels like the TV network programmers have all the power to entertain us. But the press gatherings of the Television Critics Association in Tinseltown suggest that others audaciously think they should be in the driver's seat, and they're not shy about saying so.

The latest TCA press tour showed off the intimidating power of the television critics flailing away at young, shy Bristol Palin, who's returning to ABC for an all-star version of "Dancing with the Stars."

Look, there's no doubt that Sarah Palin has figured out a...