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Gotcha questions for Democrats? What have you been smoking??
Jim: "Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?" Let's not forget. One of Obama's big bundlers was invested in Solyndra and the contract was written that if it failed, the investors got their money/profits back before the taxpayers.
Have you seen the latest polls? People don't like Obama or his policies. The trouble with liberals (otherwise known as the mentally ill) is if it sounds good, it must be good. Health care for all!! While it sounds good, it isn't always practical. And unless you're one of the losers/takers/leeches living among us, you're going to find that out. Here's a radio interview that's right up your alley.
It's all about the liberal mentally challenged obsession with telling others what to do. I swear liberal politicians are completely OCD about exercising their "power" over the people. They are smarter than everyone, particularly those that disagree with them - just ask them.
The first to use the "it's the insurance companies fault, not ours" was first tweeted by Valerie Jarrett. It has since become the mantra of the left media.
I don't're talking about Libs, after all.
Actually, that would be a great ad!
Oh yeah. Obama's doing such a great job. 108 million people on food stamps and 101 million people with full time jobs. You're a fool.
That's why I maintain liberalism (i.e. Democrats) is a mental disorder. They are people that think it's perfectly horrible to put a murderer to death but perfectly okay with killing a baby, tearing its limbs off in the process, just because it isn't outside the mother yet.
I would like to "thank" all the fools that voted for Obama - especially the second time. You all got just what you deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us got what YOU deserve too.
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