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Smells and Politics

Barbara1328 Wrote: 11 hours ago (8:34 AM)
I thought she was going to say politicians stink, which they do.
You need to reread Mag's post.
I still contend that liberalism is a mental illness.
People have short memories. When the Dems had control of both house and senate after the 2006 elections, they spent the entire two years trying to impeach Bush. They accomplished nothing even though they had the majorities.
Don't think you got the true gist of that comment.
I wonder if the media ever thinks about the damage they helped cause. Probably not. Nevertheless, the biggest dopes in the country are the people who voted for this fraud in 2012.
This "President" sure loves chaos. I've never seen anything like this before. The only people worse than him are the fools that voted for him, twice.
GM was a government owned for five years. All of a sudden every car they make has something wrong with it. Coincidence?
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The Paranoids are Back

Barbara1328 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 8:17 AM
I can't believe Greenberg's a RINO. I think he's a full-fledged liberal. I can tell by his denigrating and name calling of people with whom he disagrees.
We need to remember. We don't have a media. We have the Democrat's secretarial pool.
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