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The problem is, 4 million or so conservative DID NOT vote in 2012 which is why Obama won again. Let's keep on rolling with the "no vote" because "I hate a RINO". That's doing a lot of good......... We need to get the best conservative on the ballot in 2016. If, somehow, a conservative is not chosen, I'm begging you people, vote Republican anyway. Your conservative "no vote" has cost this county dearly. Frankly, I thought the dumbest of the dumb were the entitlement crowd voting for an otherwise awful Obama. I think now, the dumbest of the dumb were those that didn't vote in 2012 because Romney was the Republican candidate. Surely people, he was better than what we have now.
I voted for GWH Bush and GW Bush. Now I'm begging..............please, no more Bushes.
Well, NY Times, this is exactly the kind of country you're pushing for by being a Democratic party shill. When will you dopes understand this is who the present day Democrats are.
Liberalism is a mental illness. Who else but a lib would fight to keep a murderer from being executed but thinks it's perfectly okay to tear a baby that can feel pain limb from limb during an abortion?
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The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis

Barbara1328 Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 8:28 AM
"President Obama this week condemned the "deeply rooted" racism of police officers". Just one more reason it will be so great when Obama is gone.
I'm suddenly glad Fluke was instrumental in the "everyone should get birth control" movement. Hope she stays on it for life. We don't need any more like her.
And his boss is uniquely unqualified for his job. Which is why Holder is there in the first place. Has nothing to do with qualifications; but everything to do with ideology.
Remember, Brown was representing very liberal Massachusetts. When you represent a state you're suppose to vote the way you think your constituents want you to. I very much doubt he will be that liberal here. NH is not a liberal state.
When she was Governor she was known as Jeanne Shaheen the tax machine. She's not good for this state at the federal level either.
And yet the polls show most races very close. I'll never understand people. They're fed up with Washington but are putting back in power the very same people they are fed up with.
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