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Romney and GOP Conservatives Struggle to Find a Comfort Zone

Barbara1247 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 11:51 AM
So you think we need someone who will NOT shake up the status quo? Everything in this country is just hunky-dory? We should just go back to politics as usual?

Considering Rick Santorum's sudden departure from the race, it's time to quit dancing around and bluntly state what the problem is for the man likely to become the Republican nominee for president.

Republicans and others who consider themselves part of the "conservative wing" of the party, with some exceptions, stiff-armed Romney early on based on the belief that he was not one of them and could be defeated. But now, as the nomination looks increasingly his, the Romney camp is stiff-arming that same wing of the party. The question is, can money alone buy one the presidency?

There is true irony...