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Keep, I believe this may bring on terrible events if Obama is reelected, and if it ever comes to that then when the dust settles final scores should be settled with many traitorous republicans as well. Things like this, the very destruction of our republic, cannot happen without deliberate collusion at the highest levels of government. It’s time now to stop calling people stupid and start making people pay for the results they caused. You are just as dead when someone has “good” intentions than if they do it purposely.
Sir, your Father in heaven awaits your kind and loving heart.
Frankly, I am not that knowledgeable on the intricacies of our national nominating conventions, but would it somehow be possible to deny Romney the nomination on the first round and open it wide up - hopefully for West, Bachmann or Newt Gingrich? I don't care what he fallout because I think the situation is now so grave, and Romney so fundamentally weak, this is our only salvation right abut now. Is this still possible if the right people get the word and can move events in this direction?
I suppose what I am driving at is I see Medved more as a secular Jew than a deeply religious Jew like Prager. I believe religion in the main (except for Islam) makes for a for better society, especially in a democratic republic such as our own - well, it used to be in any case.
Clarity, Medved is manifestly a veritable library of all kinds of information, history, political matters and general trivia, but what I mean to say is he lacks the deep wisdom of someone like, say, Dennis Prager. He understands history and human events much better than he does human nature. I do not believe he fully grasps the evil nature of mankind in general. It is possible to have a near genius IQ like Medved but be profoundly ignorant of man’s spiritual dimension.
Boy, and was it ever "abbreviated" The examples are as rife as their penchant for election fraud.
Speaking of HughHewitt, he isn't nearly as bright as he evidently thinks he is. The same goes for Medved. He thinks he's conservative, but his leftist Jewish instincs always dominate.
True Colors said,” Why don't you pray to Jesus that she gets cancer and dies a prolonged, painful death? That's the Christian thing to do.” Um, who was it that wished a heart attack on Clarence Thomas, sir? Indeed, the "democrat": thing to do. And who was it that called a governor of a great state the C word, one of the most vile words in the English language, and yet another "liberal" thing to do we must presume, right? Listen, scumbag, please don't lecture your betters about matters moral or ethical, you Marxist pig.
Observor, just for the record, not unlike FOX News, Townhall is not considered even mildly conservattive by many of us posting in here. Many of their writers and bloggers are RINOs to put it charitably.
Clarity, your mind runs at the speed of light and you have one very dry, quirky sense of humor. You're hilarious at times!
True, why is it considerered an "insult" to insinuate your gayness onto straiight men? Talk about cognitive dissonance!
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