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Herman, if it's Israel you’re referring to, why should we not give foreign to our friends? Is Egypt our friend? Is ANY Muslim country our friend now? Is Palestine? Is Saudi Arabia, Yemen? Name me one country that would have our back in anything except Israel - and that includes all of Europe, too. I am not a Jew, but if it were up to me I would arm Israel with 50 megaton H Bombs, Neutron Bombs and missiles and bombers to deliver them. Then I would announce it to the world! Wanna bet these camel jockeys would back off big time?
Rick, to echo what you said further down this thread re our Marshall Plan mentality, what we have to face sooner or later (or simply perish as a nation) is that we have to totally destroy our sworn enemies and literally allow their nations to rot in the sun, utterly desolate and utterly ruined. Rome understood this well, and literally went out and destroyed their enemies before they had to fight them in Rome. Say what you want, but Rome in all it’s glory lasted far longer than we ever will, and Italy 2,000 years later will never again see that kind of splendor and courage.
Dixie, you make a good point here. In a very real way, many countries have a very good reason now to be highly pi****ssed at us when we have a schoolyard bully as president bragging to the world about world leaders and sundry other people on the world stage he as "taken out." If I were Obama, I would quadruple my Secret service detail.
Trouble is, with our own people, they seek the love of those who hate them, and always will - namely the democrats!
Any REAL man, or women for that matter, would far rather be respected than loved, and that is a major fault of useful idiot progs - among many others. We also have republicans like that as well, to wit, Romney,McCain, Dole, Boehner, McConnell to name but a few.
I do, because we never say a thing when great Americans like Sarah Palin get abused and insulted far worse in this country. So back off with your sloppy, hypocritical sanctimony.
Yeppers, Hillary and Obama turned Egypt into another Iran in 48 hours with their "speechifying!" What leaders we have. What moral giants! Arab Spring translated means: "We now slit your American throat!"
It sure tickles me to the core, and I really mean it, when smug leftists get it right between the eyes from people in other countries who don't have to pretend they like her because of PC and a fawing press,, or that she is some kind of great or accomplished person, because SHE IS NOT AND NEVER WAS! She deserved it, and I am glad because any moron could have predicted we pulled another Carter by killing the Shah of Iran - and see what we got for it, folks. Yeppers, the "Arab Spring" turned into a shoe in her face and insults about Monica she fully deserved but never got here. Here they only insult great, highly accomplished women like Palin! Gawd, this is hilarious! Gimmee more, Stand BY Yoru Man, Tammy!
Liz, that's what we get for extending affirmative action to electing presidents. You get ill-tutored, incompetent, felonious thugs. And many "guilt-ridden" republicans are as much to blame for electing this felonious accessory to murder as anyone else. One would have thought they knew what was coming considering all the incompetent blacks we know have to work with because of affirmative action, What, they thought it would be different with a known coke-snorting, Chicago street hustler?
Keep, I believe this may bring on terrible events if Obama is reelected, and if it ever comes to that then when the dust settles final scores should be settled with many traitorous republicans as well. Things like this, the very destruction of our republic, cannot happen without deliberate collusion at the highest levels of government. It’s time now to stop calling people stupid and start making people pay for the results they caused. You are just as dead when someone has “good” intentions than if they do it purposely.
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