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The Biggest Scandal In U.S. History

BarakOCowPaddie Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 7:40 PM
It's not only the BATF that's becoming Gestapo like either. Most of these cities with SWAT teams now use nearly a division of men in total riot gear to make the most routine of arrests. You’d think they were taking Iwo Jima pulling off simple house arrests for minor drug dealers. But the big guys, they stay away from, and the reason is a lot of very high officials are being paid. That’s what’s now going on. It’s all for show.
BarakOCowPaddie Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 7:47 PM
If BATF had their way, they'd have M1A1 tanks and Howitzers to go after people plinking beer cans with 22 pistols at some remote, but "not properly designated" quarry or other site miles away from anyone.

Forget executive privilege, contempt of Congress, "fast and furious," how many documents the government has produced and who said what to whom on which date.

The Obama administration has almost certainly engaged in the most shockingly vile corruption scandal in the history of the country, not counting the results of Season Eight on "American Idol."

Administration officials intentionally put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, so that when the guns taken from Mexican crime scenes turned out to be American guns, Democrats would have a reason to crack down on gun sellers in the United States.

Democrats will never...