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To the BATF, probable cause is whatever they feel it is.
Renny, did you ever nail that one, sir. That is exactly what is now going on. The BATF mostly hassles law abiding white people - their MAIN job as they see it. and no better proof of this exists than what happened at Ruby Ride and Waco Texas. If those people at Waco were some black religious cult, they'd STILL be sending in food and what not and negotiating with them. Instead, they burned these white folks alive.
I will gaurantee you the BATF was in on this from the get go. They probably introduced the idea to the DOJ!
If BATF had their way, they'd have M1A1 tanks and Howitzers to go after people plinking beer cans with 22 pistols at some remote, but "not properly designated" quarry or other site miles away from anyone.
It's not only the BATF that's becoming Gestapo like either. Most of these cities with SWAT teams now use nearly a division of men in total riot gear to make the most routine of arrests. You’d think they were taking Iwo Jima pulling off simple house arrests for minor drug dealers. But the big guys, they stay away from, and the reason is a lot of very high officials are being paid. That’s what’s now going on. It’s all for show.
The BATF killed 50 women and children in Waco, Texas and shot a woman with a baby in her arms at Ruby Ridge (A sniper shot). Th dyke and Bubba were in on tha one.
....murder and all that - yawn
Dan, if you murdered people, would you be spilling the beans? It's not exactly like Obama and Holder are late on their library dues. These are criminals and accessories to murder now running this couinry.
Whenever you see the word patriot or patriotic in a poster's handle, you auomatically know it's a Commie.
As an older man, it's up in the air to me as to which was/is worse ancd more openly brutal and criminal - the BATF or Hitlers Gestpo. Very close call.
He can call himself a freakin' flying saucer for all we care, but the lying POS Kenyan is a Muslim. He deserves absolutely no respect whatsover, you Marxist pig. We have long memories and recall very well just how "respectful" you little prog pric*s were to GW, So shove it where the sun don't shine, Bwucie.
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