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Then become a CEO, you loser Commie. What, it's easier to kill rich peole and steal their assets? What happens when you spend it all and all you can do is fellate your boyfriend?
Single payer is code for "The gubmint steals 2,000 bucks from you every year and you get a penny back in medical care in some shi*thole hospital where you die from some disease brought in by some foreighner next to you in a roach-infested room." The ruling socialists, though, have their own fine hospials paid for with your taxed, you dumb fuc*ing progs.
You mean like California and New York where people are leaving by the millions - literally, to red states? Southern California is now moe fo a sh*thole than Tiajuana. You progs will love it - UTOPIA!
Just be careful who you bi**tch about in Cuba. In Utopian societies like Cuba they just fuc*ing shoot you - no problems, no fuss. Kinda wish we could do that with a lot of Commies running around the US. Oh well, the time will come...
Anonymous, I post in here regularly under several nom de plumes and under highly anonymous IPs. However, I will say that you're spot on about Anne 1. She is right about 99.8% of he time, and that's a literal fact.
Hmm, only three lies in a single sentence? Tomorrow they shoud at least tiple that!
Exactly, Tertius. Even a gang of marginally retarded criminal morons would not repeatedly leave extremely costly weapons at he scene of a crime. Be like mailing in your fingerprints to the FBI or something. Even a novice killer (and these guys don't qualify) wouldn't do something that clearly insane. And because it is so absolutely bizarre and irrational, it also suggests to me that Calderon may have had a hand in this, too.
Anne, what would be even more beautiful would be to totally disband the BATF tomorrow. A lot of their operations, like a few other government agencies, are likely also subsidized with cartel drug money - some seized and some a gift.
Also, being a white man with a perfectly legal weapon also probable cause for the BATF to set the guy up for some sort of arrest, frameup or shakedown.
To the BATF, probable cause is whatever they feel it is.
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