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Rasmussen Poll Shows Voters Want Obamacare Repealed

BarakOCowPaddie Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:51 PM
Single payer is code for "The gubmint steals 2,000 bucks from you every year and you get a penny back in medical care in some shi*thole hospital where you die from some disease brought in by some foreighner next to you in a roach-infested room." The ruling socialists, though, have their own fine hospials paid for with your taxed, you dumb fuc*ing progs.
Michael IL Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:55 PM
Erik008 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:54 PM
The CEOs of the health care insurance co.s make $50,000--A DAY! While depriving you of a life saving operation--SUCKER!!
algae Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:56 PM
Now that is confusing.

I thought you didn't want any life saving going on eerick. I thought you wanted everyone to get cancer. That's what you said before. Did you change your mind?
BarakOCowPaddie Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:59 PM
Then become a CEO, you loser Commie. What, it's easier to kill rich peole and steal their assets? What happens when you spend it all and all you can do is fellate your boyfriend?