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Traitorbill said, "Just like the OFF and intelligence leaks investigations. Where is the press? Sniffing around for Romney farts? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's truly a wonder they even have the time to sniff around for Romney farts considering they have their noses up Herr Muzzie's butt 24/7. I don't think he even has to use the toilet anymore. It would appear the MSM just eats his cr**ap it as it exits his derriere. Chris Mathews is likely first in line.
Covey, affirmative action in action! Kind of dangerous, though, when we start applying it to "prebmints" who cannot even pronounce corpsman correctly.
I hear Amazon is way ahead of the curve on this one and has stockpiled millions of prayer rugs and Burkhas for sale in the US. It pays to be "tight" with the Chocolate Messaih.
Joycey said, "I would like to know if the death of this ambassador was a part of their plan. Or was it an accident. Did something go astray" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, something went terribly wrong. They meant to kill far more than just four people. Maybe bad intel from their pals in DC and on Pennsylvania avenue..
I think Holder should have a long talk with Herr Barak and read him the riot act!
Drop dead, you nasty commie bi***tch.
Or do you distribute browser hijackers, rootkits and trojan viruses?
Leeray, what did you invest in? A webcam and a g-string?
Joycey, calling these people adolescents merely gives them cover for what they're doing. Believe me, they know exactly what they're doing and love it when people like you think they're merely stupid. They called Hitler stupid and clownish, too. You know, the guy with the funny mustache? Tell me, Joycey, if a stupid man runs over you, are you any less dead? Just asking. Would it make your loved ones feel a whole lot better knowing he wasn't "quite right?"
Not that it matters to our chickensh*******t party, but there will be no elections in November. Take it to the bank. Romney is a little scaredy cat white boy getting his lunch money stolen by a black Muslim thug. What an embarrassment he is - Romney, that is. White people are plain flat out scared to death of black thugs and will go to any lengths not to confront them and take them on, win or lose. McCain did the same thing. He never even tried to punch back. Why do we even bother to nominate anyone anymore when their first instinct is to drop their drawers and grab their ankles?
Joycey, they already did that one! They have a vast repertoire left, though!
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