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Reducing Violent Crime in the US From the Inside Out (Part 3 of 4)

banne1955 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 1:55 PM
The moral compass of our society is broken. Life is not valued in any way shape or form. So many do not think of abortion as murder because it is easier to NOT think that. And that has trickled down to no life being valued. That is what needs to change to make our world safer. Everyone should watch It sheds a light on the murder of 55 million lives in a way that might change some minds who are pro-choice. It is an excellent video even if you are already pro-life.
In the past two weeks, I've highlighted ways we can reduce violent crime in the U.S. But I've saved the best and most powerful solutions for last because they work from the inside out.

In Part 1, I revealed how rational and rewarding it would be to post armed guards at our schools.

In Part 2, I showed how reducing the number of firearms in the U.S. would not curb violent crime.

Today and next week, I will discuss an age-old solution that America's Founding Fathers knew was key for maintaining civility in our communities -- a solution being mimicked by a few nonprofit...