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Oh come on frilly panties, show us all what a big tough man you are by answering some simple questions?
Hey let's have even more fun, is Denying the Holy Spirit an Act?
Do you think Sin matters to Jesus? Will that keep you from Heaven?
Sin is based on Acts. Do you think acts get you into Heaven? Jesus said they could sure get you into Hell but how about Heaven?
Just publish that name and address frilly panties. C'mon p*ssy, you talk the talk now walk the walk.
Good luck little p*ssy. When you stop hiding it will be easy but since you won't there goes that idea. What a total p*ssy you are.
I'm not Christian. That's for morons.
C'mon p*ssy, stop hiding your frilly panties and show us all how tough you are.
The government isn't Christian idiot, you are.
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