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You would know. That's the only strategy the GOP has left.
Think so huh? Ask South Africa. Oh that's right, you hate Freedom.
You can pass a bill or you can skip it. The WASPs lose either way. Now doesn't that just suck?
Imagine that.
It is what it is. She is what she is. Just like Ted Nugent, scum.
Whatever SP says, please do exactly that. Please, please, please, I like being in power.
The branch that didn't require that you s**t your pants to avoid honorably serving the US. Maybe you weren't as smart as Ted, or maybe you have some balls just not enough to do what you ask of others you big p*ssy.
Change the subject p*ssy man? Nope. Just showing you up for what you are frilly panties.
I understand it very well. Now tell us p*ssy man, if the old Jews say one thing and Jesus says another, which one do you do?
Oh come on frilly panties, show us all what a big tough man you are by answering some simple questions?
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