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My Family's Misadventures with Obamacare, Continued

BanDaDems Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 12:30 AM
Oh I understand the mess - my wife has oncologist in Chicago and Houston - Houston is not under any Obamacare plan - we have been allowed to keep original plan till Oct 2014 (so far) - but cannot get answers beyond that - are being forced to sell house in IL to continue to afford care ($1400 per month/ $5000 deductible) - now have to have apartment in Chicago and apartment in Houston - ready to switch based on which oncologist we can keep in plan - if we can keep original plan until 2016 is good - but what do we do beyond that? It is a whirling dervish of trying to plan for the unplannable. Every 3 months my wife has tests that cost $25000 - so need to make sure we are covered but coverage laws change every week. Instead of her working she has a full time job managing health care coverage.