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The Obama Collapse

BanDaDems Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 4:17 PM
Obama's focus on the much more evil extreme right wing gun owning Fox news watching American Patriots will result in the dismemberment of the United States - thus the Obumbler has no time for real evil in the world - he is too busy fighting imaginary demons here that are stymieing his socialist agenda. He cannot sleep at night due to Americans actually owning guns and NOT signing up for Obamacare - how does he have time to worry about Putin or Assad? He has always hated Israel and is no friend of that country and they know it - because they refuse to grant his demands.
This article is completely 100% false - the employees of UNC are just electing to work less so they have more job freedom to pursue child rearing, or artistic endeavors, or basket weaving or nature walks throughout NC. I sincerely think the Koch brothers are up to their lying advertising tricks again and this article was written by one of them. 100% patently unproven lies from the FOX news watching nasty devilish Tea Party scumbag "extreme" right wing. (P.S. this comment is heavily layered in sarcasm)
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The Whopper Temptation

BanDaDems Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 3:08 PM
MSM is definitely failing and FOX is becoming ever more watched - the truth is out there but you need to seek the truth and walk away from the lies - many of us already know the truth and should not hide our light under baskets. As you can see by the Nielsen ratings of MSM products they are failing and continue to fail - but the spreading of lies is their business and they will lose all profits to continue. See how newspapers (aka Fishwraps) are doing in the marketplace - most all are failing. Now turn to the success of Conservative radio and where are the liberal counterparts to this - NPR which is on lifelines due to government support. CNN itself is only alive because it is forced in locations like airports. Like a ship that is floundering it takes time to bail out the water but progress is being made. Boycott the products of the nasty evil left and you will see the change happen faster.
dahni, an insurgent force defeated the Soviet military in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, etc. Look at what a Polish worker did to the Soviet Union - there are countless millions of gun owners in the U.S. as peaceful civilians. Even now in Oakland there is essential mob rule because there are too few police officers - and this is by ignorant gang bangers - many of our gun owners are trained at stalking game as they are hunters and are very accurate shots - I don't think CT wants to go down the violence path. Especially as how it will play for the Gun Grabbers after a few hundred gun owners are killed. 350,000 gun owners can be everywhere - 5000 cops cannot.
Essentially the American consumer is cutting back - rising taxes, Obamacare forced expenditures, loss of home equity, have all hit the pocketbook - now consumers will shop less - car manufacturers, retail locations, restaurants etc will start to get hit as people cut back unnecessary expenses - already in retail it seems everything is permanently 60% off, always a sale. I enjoy cooking at home, I hunt for my food and butcher it myself - $350 for about 100 lbs of butchered hog. I see a deflationary cycle coming fast and the stock market and home market are going to crash yet again.
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The War Against Work and Wealth

BanDaDems Wrote: Mar 01, 2014 2:01 PM
What will happen is deflation - a smaller workforce making less money will necessarily spend less in the consumer market (especially with forced Obamacare expenses) - fewer goods and price deflation - businesses chasing fewer consumer dollars - crashing retail businesses, more lost jobs, no taxpayer dollars to feed those unwilling to work, spiraling debt (local, state, federal), lower wages for those willing to work, house devaluation. A perfect collapse of society!
Yes indeed - my wife is recovering from breast cancer - good thing is that insurance cannot be refused - however, I am now paying $600 MORE per month than before and those costs will continue to increase and her oncologist will soon no longer be in network - ugghh! Yet according to slimy Harry my story is completely untrue - fat headed Dem senator! Under Obamacare I will soon be paying $24,000 a year for just my wife and myself. This is the after tax cost!! That is AFTER the IRS steals 50% of my income!!
I know how things are in my lefty state (IL) - 100 billion owed to pensions, 8 billion in red on budget - taxes hiked 67% 3 years ago and "supposed" to sunset this year, but there is a "genius" plan to modify the constitution to allow a graduated tax - aka new tax hike!! That will work wonders on the job front. Chicago "borrowed" 2 billion in bond money to pay for upcoming bond debt. I am exiting to the South this year where freedom and jobs exist. I will no longer let the Demoncrats use my labor to give "free" stuff to illegals and expand and maintain welfare state.
The first day he served in Congress was toooo long for Dingell - another lousy Dem ducking out because the voters were going to retire him compliments of Obamacare. His votes destroy the lives of millions and he gracefully bows out prior to being evicted.
There are dozens more infidelities to be revealed - Bill is a serial predator on women and has had countless affairs, much of this is to come out on her campaign trail - she is a bitter, nasty, aggressive, aged female - this is not going to play well in the campaign - some of this is okay if you are male but as female the harpy Hillary personality combined with age lines will dissuade many voters - she is used to being in charge and getting her way which will show in debates and detest voters - who wants and aged shrill harpy - Margarete Thatcher she is not.
still in IL as the job market here for my specialty is strong - but the taxes against my corporation are punitive and I get no special tax incentives like larger corporations do. When I threaten to leave I am sure that Gov Quinn will say goodbye. I am looking at leaving this fall for TX - just in front of the "graduated" income tax that will make IL even less competitive and force more businesses to leave. The mayor of Chicago just borrowed (bond issue) 1.9 billion to pay current due bonds - paper chasing paper with no spending reductions or real money to pay anything with. A sign of the end of the line! I have enjoyed living in IL but there is no end in sight to the parasites feeding on private sector income.
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