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RNC Sends Out Fundraising Email From America's Least Popular Senator John McCain

BanDaDems Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 11:37 PM
Don't send this letter to me! John McCain is toxic - he lines up just to the left Harry Reid - McCain has gone over the deep end seeking approval and voting with the Demorats - I cannot get over his vote for NDAA - he must be senile or just evil or finally corrupted. As long as the RINO repubs attack the Tea Party they will not get a dime from me - Repub leadership does nothing to support small businesses like mine, more spending, more taxes same as demorats. They do nothing to support my 2nd Amendment rights - and they have done nothing to get rid of the vile Obamacare - they are barely even running on this issue and they want to flood the country with 30 million more unskilled laborers to further depress the job market.