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So, what are you going to do about it? complain? Maybe if Republicans would address some of the concerns that those swing voters have this wouldn't happen.
My point was if Romney does not win the votes that carried Paul to 2nd place in NH, he'll lose NH.
I can't , answer that. I voted for Paul in the primary, but, am voting for Romney in the general.
Yeah, that represents a lot of libertines unfortunately who are part of the Libertarian Party. But, Romney wasn't going to get those votes anyhow. Heck, most of them wouldn't even vote for Ron Paul because he's pro-life and a Christian. But, it's the Republican libertarians that Romney has to worry about losing with his insane foreign policy.
SageAdvice68 wrote: Yo BamaBoy, please when you want to suckle on the old racist Ron Paul's man meat, please take it behind closed doors. LOL!! So, according to SageAdvice, if you defend the U.S. Constitution and the classic liberalism of Thomas Jefferson and most of the Founders, you are a racist. SageAdvice, I believe France is the place for people like you, NOT the Constitutional Republic that we call the United States of America.
He got 7.8% in 2008. He got 23% in the New Hampshire primary this year. Educate yo'self!
Seriously? Florida? Florida is a retirement state. It's got the smallest % of classic liberals (libertarians) in the country.
What does Ron Paul have to do with anything? Seriously, I don't get your obsession with Paul. This isn't about him. Ron Paul isn't running for POTUS, Gary Johnson is. I think you got the names mixed up.
Hahhahaha! Now, that's funny. You just got through claiming the government the Founders set up isn't good enough for the "modern era" and now you're claiming to "love" this country? You're a Progressive TRAITOR!
Hahahahahaha! Now, that's funny. You're a Progressive who believes the government the Founders set up isn't good enough for the "modern era." Now, you claim you "love" this country?
According to a recent Reason Magazine poll, over 70% of libertarians plan to vote for Romney. The question isn't whether or not libertarians will vote for Romney, it's whether or not Romney can get enough of them to in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and Ohio to carry those states.
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