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The MSM's Hyper-Racial RNC Coverage

BamaBoySlim Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 4:53 PM
RHSimard, I was thinking exactly the same thing.
Boy, those were TOUGH questions! I had been adamantly opposed to Obama, but after seeing the aplomb with which he handled these live coals; and the conviction, sincerity, and knowledge... Well, sorry Mitt, you've been bested. Forward!! Who couldn't be inspired by that?
The Racism Wagon has been filled to overflowing. Maybe the dems should tell us what's NOT racist - it would make a shorter list.
I'm wondering if Obama bows because that's what he expects from his subjects. Nah... He bows because he is ashamed of America. I have said repeatedly that I expect Obama to either disregard the election results outright and/or concoct some "emergency" requiring marshal law. Either way, I believe he will be on the losing side of the greatest landslide in American political history.
Ann Romney is white and rich - two characteristics guaranteed to turn a liberal into a raging, slobbering Pleistocene-era proto-human. As for Juan, I thought he was better than this. Guess not...
When you're a racist, everything is racism. It's the only lense some people ever choose to look through; as well as the Federally Sanctioned Refuge for the Terminally Stupid.
Of course you're evil, John. Totally. You have "offended" a liberal. Liberals can't defend their positions through empiricism, polemics, forensics. Conservatives think. Liberals feel. Name-calling as an end-run around The Point is all they have.
Absolutely no personal pride or self-respect. And arrogant??? Don't smear sh*t on my hotdog and tell me it's chili.
Hillary is deluded. This "treaty" has no chance of passing the senate. But she'll try. These arrogant fools still haven't figured what they're messing with.
Holder's as arrogant as his boss. Sad to think that some voters would actually believe this putrescence.
Agreed. That would also nail down a bunch of us who are luke-warm about Romney: his best attribute is that he's not Obama. But - never happen. The Machine that manages Romney won't go for it.
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