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We Have Nothing to Fear But The Farce Itself

Baldur Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 11:24 AM
Sadly, despite your satire disclaimer, the MSM and the Democrats will have this written up in the textbooks as history in a few years.
dtaylor944 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 1:46 PM
No doubt.
I would like to add this comment about the republicans saying they will no longer block the nomination of hagel. Why would tey come out and say that they believe he is not fit for that office and then say they won't block him. Mccain and others if weare depending on people like you to sve us we are in deep trouble. You idiots are the worst joke,along with the democrats of course, that has ever peen forced upon the american people.
Why haven't these honorable thieves taken their stolen wealth and left the country so we can get someone like Dr Carson to help us survive. What he said is what a lot of we people that don't count have been saying all along.

Editor's note: This column contains satire. This fact is noted for all the liberals that may be reading. That is all.

President Obama’s aggressive agenda for his second term might have been controversial, if it weren’t for his spectacular first term successes.

The president’s expansive vision of federally driven, universal government education of children too young for grade school, his complex plan for a network of federal “hubs” to resuscitate American manufacturing, his aggressive action plan against polluting industries to correct earth’s climate, all could have provoked strong opposition, perhaps even media skepticism.