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“what we now have is an ideological fight that's been mounted in the House of Representatives that says, we're not going to pass a budget and we will threaten a government shutdown unless we repeal the Affordable Care Act.” - The House is the only part of Congress that has passed a budget, repeatedly and on time. It is the Democratic Party majority controlled Senate that hasn't passed a budget in four years. They haven't even tried to do so, because that would reveal what we've been paying for all these years.
If guns are evil, doesn't that mean that police and the military are evil for using them? Oops, forgot. That's logic, which is also evil to the Left. I would apologize for using logic except that no apology is ever enough, no matter how abject you make it. So I'll just stand by it and take my medicine from the wonderful unicorn riding persons, or is that perdaughters of the Left who would be my Masters, if only I would let them.
LOL, $3 million spent by Bloomberg and his cronies, not to mention other millions he's wasted on failed political campaigns in states other than his own. Here's hoping that he spends all his change on even more failure.
He's a Leftist. He shares a feature with Terminators. As long as he lives, "he'll be back."
"The NRA does its job better than our side does our job," said Jim Kessler, a co-founder of Third Way, which advocates for centrist Democratic policies. "They know how to influence and intimidate elected people." To paraphrase, almost every word of this is a lie, including a, and, and the. The NRA does its job better indeed, but that is because they don't have to lie and intimidate anyone. The Third Way is no advocate of centrist Democratic policies. That's the sort of Big Lie of which Nazi propagandists would heartily approve (and no I'm not accusing them of being Nazis, only of using their tactics). The reason Progressives are beginning to lose ground is that they have lied so often that even the most information deprived voters are catching on to them. They have forgotten P.T. Barnum's advice.
"[editor's note: only Muslim women wear burqas]", Yes thank you, the grownups know that. Anyway that would be all the better, a transgender Muslim in a burqua, a Liberal Trifecta.
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Why Does Capitalism Still Need Defending?

Baldur Wrote: Sep 14, 2013 12:14 AM
At some point, we have to consider that Michael Moore has made enough money. We should also insist that since he believes that big government is better, he should put his money where his big fat mouth is, and give an extra amount to the IRS, say, about 95%. After all, more is better, right Moore?
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The Handshake Delusion

Baldur Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 11:38 PM
" status agreement..."-or does he mean, a "final solution"? No one can say with a straight face that Obama supports Israel. Goading Iran into using Sarin gas on Israel, would have been the probable result of the bombing of Syria. If I can see this, why can't the "geniuses" in the "government" see it?
"What does it matter?" I'll be glad to enlighten her. Four lives. That is what it matters, and if she doesn't know that, she doesn't deserve to clean the toilets and take out the trash at the State Department, much less head it up, and then become the President of the United States.
Hahahaha! red-Imccainian got dedicated GOP out of that. The ingeniousness of morons knows no bounds.
Please, this is satire. She is mocking these people. It occurs to me though, if you actually need an explanation, you still won't understand. I wish I could explain it to you in one syllable words Considering your incoherent post I doubt that would help. Avaunt thee varlet!
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