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Repubs did not have to prove it, law enforcement has and some people have been jailed for it. Not enough. Voter fraud happens often and has been around for as long as elections have been.
Kid has been educated beyond his intelligence.
plants are smarter than liberals. stop eating the green stuff. free the world. eat liberals.
So how many decades do the BattleGroundTexas employees get for buying votes, forging signatures, liar ballots, etc? So how many decades do the SECU members get for fraud voter ballots? How many decades for the $ Bundlers for Obummer who later get cushy Ambassador posts for some Caribbean location? This is a sham and a shame for the US of A.
Spouse taught middle school for couple decades.. once they mandated apples, bananas, etc as "must" have items on the plate.. cafeteria workers had to put a trash can at the end of the food line so the kids could throw the fresh fruit into that can instead of leaving them on the tables or in the normal trash cans which would then overflow around the school. How does this make sense? Understand it got worse with Mooch menu but had retired by then.
Carney says he is to interview for role in "Iraq, the War Obama Won" as Baghdad Bob.
Was funny but not in the way you think. The title could substitute Obama, Holder.. heck, 90% of the DimmyCrap party for Bieber and it work as well. Why in hades wingnut lefties don't move to Cuba or Venezuela is a mystery. They have the very gov't already in place that they trying to do here.
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Freedom Is Not Free

Baldbarian Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 9:24 AM
Excuse me, but Glenn Beck brought to the public eye and he asked Miss Kelly, among others, to do likewise.
The problem you are describing has a fundamental flaw. You are counting all Pubs as if they all are of the same side but they are not. Many Pubs are really Progressives as much as those in the DimParty. And their is where we have fights in the PubParty. A third Party will not work. We have to take over the PubParty the same way the Marxist/Communists/Socialist/Progressives have taken over the DimParty years ago.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyqYY72PeRM&list=PLIp169boK7eKnA7q8XoLeTEdJD9IiXpxX&index=12 Facts are stubborn things.. but with either low-info types or worse, those who know better but refuse to agree with facts.. in other words, lie.. it makes it harder for the Facts to be remembered or even seen the fist time.
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