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Spouse taught middle school for couple decades.. once they mandated apples, bananas, etc as "must" have items on the plate.. cafeteria workers had to put a trash can at the end of the food line so the kids could throw the fresh fruit into that can instead of leaving them on the tables or in the normal trash cans which would then overflow around the school. How does this make sense? Understand it got worse with Mooch menu but had retired by then.
Carney says he is to interview for role in "Iraq, the War Obama Won" as Baghdad Bob.
Was funny but not in the way you think. The title could substitute Obama, Holder.. heck, 90% of the DimmyCrap party for Bieber and it work as well. Why in hades wingnut lefties don't move to Cuba or Venezuela is a mystery. They have the very gov't already in place that they trying to do here.
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Freedom Is Not Free

Baldbarian Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 9:24 AM
Excuse me, but Glenn Beck brought to the public eye and he asked Miss Kelly, among others, to do likewise.
The problem you are describing has a fundamental flaw. You are counting all Pubs as if they all are of the same side but they are not. Many Pubs are really Progressives as much as those in the DimParty. And their is where we have fights in the PubParty. A third Party will not work. We have to take over the PubParty the same way the Marxist/Communists/Socialist/Progressives have taken over the DimParty years ago.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyqYY72PeRM&list=PLIp169boK7eKnA7q8XoLeTEdJD9IiXpxX&index=12 Facts are stubborn things.. but with either low-info types or worse, those who know better but refuse to agree with facts.. in other words, lie.. it makes it harder for the Facts to be remembered or even seen the fist time.
vid from 2004.. after the Bush Admin had asked for tighter controls on Freddie and Frannie and the housing bubble of liar loans, etc.. which came from DimmyCrat side and slush funded by the corrupt financial industry who ladled $ upon both sides of the isle but especially to those types like those on this video who defend their money masters even as Publican auditors try to sound the alarm to this oversight committee. Listen and learn 848,
The Dim Party has made a conscious 60+ year choice to buld their brand on fear, insecurity, ignorance, anti-religion, division, discredited economic theory, flag burning, death cult, anti-constitutional living constitution BS, and the masterful art of sufficiently inflaming and deceiving people with social issues so that they'll disregard facts, reason and clear evidence that they have been robbed blind by the people they've elected. As LBJ said “I'll have those nig#$!^ voting Democratic for the next 200 years. [Touting his underlying intentions for the "Great Society" programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]” http://alturl.com/ch6ky The diabolical branding worked well for a long time, especially with the decline of a rabid left-wing socialist Marxist propaganda radio and television progressive entertainment complex that glorified stupidity, bloviation, thoughtlessness and held nuance, complexity, and modernity in contempt.
The man was charged with a election fraud, bail set at 1/2 mil, wrapping up his latest film.. yea, I would say he was off a little but understandably.
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