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After watching the clip, I'm not sure Whoopi was angry at Ben. She effectively articulated the reason the current system is broken-that it keeps people from working. I'm no fan of Ms. Goldberg's politics, but in this case, I'm not sure if she was 'teeing off" on Dr. Carson, or if she agreed.
Give her immunity and make her sing like a bird about the Obama appointees directing this entire charade.
Mike, We need more of you! You fight the fight and say it like it is, even when it costs you (in this case a promotion). You've got real guts. Stay strong! God bless you!
Yup. Hey, maybe they could run against Chelsea!
Kurt, I was against Jeb solely on the basis of his cronyism on Common Core. Big education means big profits! Thank you for giving me so many more great reasons to vote against Jeb. On the plus side, I'm so relieved to hear that folks like the Bush's and the Clinton's, who are obviously so different, get along so darned well! Who knew?
Hannah, the reality is that the obamacare defunding effort was only possile because conservatives have gained enough legislators in congress that the rinos have been forced to work with them. If not for the conservative's fight, Obama wouldn't have been exposed duing he shutdown. Compromise as a strategy isn't required. Sometimes as a tactic. This country is literally going the way of Greece or Detroit and the go-along-to-get-along repubs like McCain and Graham are part of the problem. We conservatives should take stands whenever we can, and hopefully gain control of the party. No one except conservatives are fighting to save this country. If the Cruz's and Ryan's fight and the population chooses rinos and democrats, fine. But fight we must. Win or lose, America is worth fighting for.
Mm hmm. Is our President offended by the team name, "The Patriots"?
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