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What have we done? We re-elected the greatest President of the United States of America and Leader of the Free World. That is WHAT WE HAVE DONE!
I find it curiously interesting that none of you will comment on my mention of Aiken, O'Donnell, Angle, Mourdock, Santorum, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, etc. Are you embarressed about that or not? Was Huntsman not crazy enough? Just asking..............
And some guy who said that a pregancy resulting from rape is a gift from god.
So, what is it like to continue losing since you have lost every Presidential election in the last 6 cycles except for 2004? Please share.........
Yes, a war criminal is so very desirable as the Leader of the Free World.
Especially when you put people like Bachmann, Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Santorum, etc. up for your candidate. Huntsman might have given the President a run for his money but NOOOOOOOOOOOO he wasn't crazy enough for you people.
Um, I believe there were 47 people of color at the Rebagligoon National Convention. Might want to look that up.
You think that the House was voted rebagligoon majority because people wanted to control the President. It was voted rebagligoon majority because of GERRYMANDERING. Period, Full stop. If not for gerrymandering, we would control both Congress and the Administration...........BUT, things are looking up since in the next 4 years we will ALSO CONTROL THE SUPREME COURT!
I know, it happens a lot when they primary a moderate with a knuckle walking mouth breather like Allen West.
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