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How much you wanna bet you need a Photo ID to get into the convention meetings?
When is the last time the naacp did anything of value for the blacks? All I remember is them holding out their hand for Sterlings' cash. Or did I miss something?
How about NOW speaks out against islam and the war on women in the middle east? Never a word there. What's up with that? Women are treated like slaves and property and all we hear is the sound of crickets. Hillary boasts of her term as Sec of State and what did she do for the women of islam? Remember Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her speech at Brandeis? Neither do we.
Let them talk from Jail
I would have thought "The Working Poor" would have been the better title. Middle class would be a golfing buddy.
This is not media bias but outright manipulation. Leaving out the Truth and taking bits and pieces and changing the story to fit a narrative to show someone as they are not to be. Bias would be harmless. What we see here goes beyond the pale. If I were Walker, I would sue the media for more money than they have and then some.
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10 Things to Know for Today

Baerlin Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 4:33 PM
That is not true. I was born in Berlin, Germany and know full well what happened there. I cannot and will not deny the atrocities committed. What I will fight is the generalization that all Germans are responsible for the Holocaust. There are some who died fighting the nazis and their death cult. Or have you never heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? These generalizations must stop. That would be the same as saying all whites are responsible for slavery. We all know that this statement is not true.
Trigger, smigger. What isn't a trigger for liberals?
A good point. I hadn't thought of that one. She actually missuses her position of power.
I think Israel is more ready than we may realize. Remember the 6 Day War? Israel is still the David to islams Goliath.
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