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About time they woke up
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My Trip to the Pot Shop

Baerlin Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 3:01 PM
I'm on your side here. Having smoked in HS and afterwards, I'm still tainted.
Jesus may have served the sinner but he would also have very pointedly told them to sin no more. Jesus always exposed sins when speaking with people. Check his dialogues with the woman at the well, the Pharisees, Zacchaeus and so many others in the Gospels.
So the homosexuals are now the bullies and my religious beliefs don't count anymore? Whose the intolerant one now? When will you march us into the gas chambers?
All liberals and dems are racists. It has been proven time and time again. They are the only ones so focused on this topic and need to constantly keep it in the forefront. We were on the road to healing until obama came and took office. I, as a middle aged white, have several black friends. We have a black foster daughter and will not bow down to any false racial divisions. Christ came to save all, regardless of color. God said in Genesis 1:26 - "Let us create man in our image" We are all image bearers. Let us all remember that and live like we believe it.
Churches? Which churches?
International would mean that someone outside of the liberal scene cares about this fluked up person
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'Gun Control Laws Have Racist Origin'

Baerlin Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 10:22 AM
Dems and libs are the most uninformed and robotic idiots that have ever populated the planet. They have never had an original thought. Could you please try to give a reasonable and somewhat understandable response to your statement above?
LBJ's Great Society and the results are still felt and will be for generations to come Dewey and his contributions to public education
Agreed. Missquoting Scripture leads more people astray and takes more effort to fix. Most people think they know bits and pieces of the Bible but when asked, it is generally missinformed.
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