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So she gets to write the story until she gets it right? Or until the left gets the story they want? Or until somebody somewhere does something to someone somehow and no one will care......
That's kinda like liberals and the Truth. They don't go together and yet they believe that they know whats best for our country. Look where that's got us.
Thanks. I looked at "Tafts" comment about Washington and kinda lost it. Fighting the British army was a completely different war and they knew who the enemy was and the rules of engagement were pretty clearly drawn out. Here, with al-qaeda and isis, we're dealing with animals who behead people for the simple reason that they can and will not hesitate to do so. If liberals believe that they can sit down and talk with them, feel free. These people want one thing: world domination. I, for one, will not submit.
Normally I would agree with you but, torture aside, liberals have long taken this country on the downward course that we have been on since the Wilson administration. You mentioned common decency and yet we have nothing from liberals in that sense and cannot expect any in the near future. Liberals are nothing if not hypocritical in all dealings. They will lie and deceive to further their agenda. Show me a liberal who knows what common decency is and I'll consider voting democrat. I'll tell you now that this is not going to happen. When dealing with an enemy that beheads children, I think I'll go with EIT's in this case.
I have served as an election judge in the state of Illinois for 8 years now and this would never have occurred to me. Electioneering is considered candidate specific and that is prohibited 100 ft from the polling places. What this poll worker did is ridiculous and would be thrown out in court. The audacity of liberals knows no bounds.
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S.E. Cupp: The Death of a Meme

Baerlin Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 3:56 PM
I liked the "Redistricting" answer that was given for the TX governors race. Classic liberal idiocy. They have really now lost it.
I recently watched the edited version on tv. I had to turn it off. It brought tears to my eyes. "Everybody move back or the ni..er gets it"
Why do you even bother getting up in the morning? I can't imagine that you're even able to dress and feed yourself. Well, maybe you'll evolve someday....Who knows? You could end up a jelly fish.....
To go a bit off topic, Esposito said that the msm won't cover muslims who condemn isis because, as he put it, "If it bleeds, it leads" so, in other words, it's not newsworthy? But when Christians won't hold weddings for homosexuals, that makes the headlines. That will live in the news for days on end. If groups like cair were to speak out against the beheadings, that might be a start. But then, who would believe them?
I read the billions comment and thought the same thing. Show me the natives in Africa or the villagers in India who are trying to eke out a living each day and I'm sure that their thoughts do not dwell on the made up crisis of global warming. How about Leo send some of his real dollars from his make believe job to take care of these people?
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