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Obama Losing Rock-star Status Among Young Voters

badgerpat Wrote: May 01, 2012 12:04 PM
Zelda, if you have absolutely nothing intelligent to say, and no logical points to make, as would seem to be the case given this post, it might be a better idea to forego posting and spend your time learning about the reality we live in, rather than trying to create your own.

Last week, Barack Obama delivered speeches at universities in Chapel Hill, N.C., Iowa City, Iowa, and Boulder, Colo. The trip was, press secretary Jay Carney assured us, official government business, not political campaigning.

It's part of a pattern. Neil Munro of the Daily Caller has counted 130 appearances by the president, vice president, their spouses, White House officials, and Cabinet secretaries at colleges and universities since spring 2011.

Obviously, the Obama campaign strategists are worried that he cannot duplicate his 66 to 32 percent margin among young voters back in 2008.

Recent surveys of young people show...