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No. Gen 2.2-24 is a different story. Animals before man versus animals after man. Woman from Adam's rib versus woman from clay. Two different, mutually exclusive stories, and as I said, I'm not implying two Earths. I'm implying that the Bible contains both factual accounts and allegory/poetry. The creation stories are allegory.
The two creation stories being Gen 1:1 - 2:3 and Gen 2:4 - 2:24.
No, there are two. One right after the other, with different descriptions.
I apologize for my typographical error. I obviously intended "The length of time God spent in creation...." in my third sentence.
The book of Genesis contains two, mutually exclusive creation stories. They are allegorical. The length of time god spent in creation, or rest, or the length of time Earth was vacant of Man is meaningless to God, who exists outside of the constraints of time. How was the length of the first day defined, given there was no sun or earth at that point?
As a college educated person, I have absolutely no problem believing that God may have very well used evolution as his tool for creation. That is also the official position of the Catholic Church, by the way.
She's not changing the law. She's ruling on the law's constitutionality, potentially declaring part of the law unconstitutional, and therefore unenforceable. That's what she's supposed to do, under the Constitution. It's why her position exists.
As has every Pope and every Catholic in the last one hundred years.
You are an idiot. He is saying the teachers failed by not reporting suspected abuse to Child Protective Services, as is required by law. If you can't understand the written word, you really shouldn't publicly post.
Ah. A Queen reference. Thanks George!
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