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"All units be on the lookout for the perpetrator. He or she is believed to be in the area of 4th Street and 1st Avenue, although we in no way seek to disparage the residents of, or visitors to, that neighborhood. The perpetrator is a living human."
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President Obama versus Hobby Lobby

badgerpat Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 11:00 AM
That memory you have of conservatives indicating they wanted to make contraception illegal was just a bad acid trip. Stay away from the LSD, Mike. It's really not good for you.
By the way, there's no one who thinks the pictures are Jesus. The pictures are a representation of the artists' conception of Jesus, and no one thinks the pictures (or statues) themselves are God.
I think the only reason they engage in the discussion over the interpretation of the establishment clause is to anger the religious. Otherwise, why would they care? They would just shake their heads and chuckle at our "foolishness." I believe they simply enjoy attempting to make people miserable.
No, but they pretend they do, in a misguided attempt to anger the religious.
They're going to think "My Lord and my God, thank you for dying for my sins." What does that have to do with paintings?
No one worships statues of Joseph and Mary. You display a fundamental lack of understanding of your subject matter. People kneel in front of statues and pray to Joseph and Mary, etc, asking their intercession with God.
You would think so, indeed.
I do not agree.
Nope. Sorry you're getting upset. I've read Genesis many times, and do know what is and isn't there. I was merely explaining the logic. You may choose to believe what you choose to believe, and I will believe what I believe. Good day to you.
No. Gen 2.2-24 is a different story. Animals before man versus animals after man. Woman from Adam's rib versus woman from clay. Two different, mutually exclusive stories, and as I said, I'm not implying two Earths. I'm implying that the Bible contains both factual accounts and allegory/poetry. The creation stories are allegory.
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