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Not liking soccer, and expressing that, is pig-headed narrow-mindedness? So, to not be pig-headed and narrow-minded means I have to like everything?
...which is what makes it so boring for me. I've given soccer an honest try, but I just can't make it through a game.
I don't think it's that they play not to lose, I think it's that given the nature of the game (size of field, limited to only using the feet, number of players on the field, etc) that the better they get the easier defense becomes. Offense in soccer is much harder than defense.
"...and cannot even advance 10 yards?" You do realize there are world class athletes on the other side of the ball trying to stop them from advancing 10 yards, right? How about this one - There are 90 minutes (or maybe more) in a game and the teams can't score more than a goal or 2? I get paid a lot of money (some making millions) and only score a goal once every 3 or 4 games.
I agree with you on baseball, but you're completely off base about football. There is no way you can honestly say soccer has more strategy, let alone trying to compare the long stretches of uneventful play, than football. If you "cannot seem to keep up" with the strategy of football, then that must be because you were raised on soccer. Granted, the strategy of soccer can be complicated (it's very similar to basketball), the problem is that the defense in soccer is much easier than the offense (when both teams are close to each other in skills/talent). Also, there are not soccer players who can kick the ball more accurately than a pro quarterback can throw it. That's a silly thing to say.
eric, You're not exactly correct that WWII was under the direction of Democrats. Sure, we had a Democrat who was president, but we won WWII under the direction of the generals in our military. Ever since WWII, our conflicts have been run by politicians, and you should be able to figure out the won/lost record during that time.
Dang! Blacklisted by History. I just notice the typo in my last post.
Thank you for writing this article! I was pretty "ticked" while reading Victor's article since I've read Blacklist by History. All conservative pundits should be required to read that book before saying anything about McCarthy (I know liberals won't read it, or if they do they'll say it's all lies).
What part of this article is a lie?
None of what Ann is saying in this article is a lie or false. There is such a thing as facts about a case that are not physical evidence. Also, the fact that the DNA matching Reyes is clear doesn't even come close to indicating that he was the only person involved in the attack.
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