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I don't think Mr Robinson or Mr King would be proud of the young pitcher that threw bean balls at two South Korean batters after their predecessors lit him up for 5 runs. He wasn't even admonished for his blatant retaliation. That probably gets him accolades from this racist administration. It was an embarrassment to any decent human being.
expect it to be approved by October. Strategically timed to lessen Republicans chances of taking the Senate in November.
The last two movies I saw were Grand Torino & 2016
The last two movies I saw was Grand Torino & 2016
The last two movies I saw was Grand Torino & 2016
I Don't Like His White Half Any More Than He Does.What does that make us?
Why don't you write an article on your misjudgement of Christie during the last primary?
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Cheap Politicians

backwaterbilly Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 6:30 PM
You are way off base on this topic.Government tried throwing money at teachers to improve schools & look what that got us.Might be better to start over with a Constitutional republic, which is the way it started.
It's only a nightmare for one side.
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