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Apparently you missed the subject of the page... This ladies and gentleman this the new NO information voting republicans. Good luck in 2014, loser..HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
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Allen WEst, that you? Ask your self Tom, why are the rules changing NOW? We have been voting for decades upon decades..Why didnt we enforce these ID laws say in 2000 or 2004? Could it be that a brown man is in office? could it be Rethuglicans know that their are more democrats and those that oppose the extreme right wind ideas?So therefore they have to suppress votes in order to even stand a chance WAKE UP!
Why change the rules now? Because you lost the last couple of elections? Because we have a brown family in the WH? If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em. The GOP motto
Let's see, could someone please tell me the total number of voter fraud instances in the state of Virginia. I am not talking about folks being registered to vote who weren't citizens of the city, county, or state. I'm not talking about the Republican funded voter registration company who destroyed Democratic voter registration forms, I'm talking about the number of real live folks who showed up to vote, who weren't who they said they were. How about a passport? That's generally considered proper ID everywhere in the world. Oops, I forgot we're talking about Republican controlled Virgina.
Well, Im not a republican....We actually think for ourselves...Go figure..You should try it sometimes, its fantastic...
Black voters, and others, were sick and tired of the GOP trying to keep their votes from being cast by passing onerous laws, and they responded in an amazing way, matching the historic turnout of 2008, and bringing to life the civil rights anthem, "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around."
The issue is this was never really about ensuring the integrity of the voting system. The GOP admitted this time and time again, as they grew confident that they would win the 2012 elections. This was always about suppressing votes they felt would not be made for their party. In addition to their admission, they ensured long lines at the polls by decreasing the number polls available, shortening hours and days voting could occur, intimidation tactics in certain neighborhoods, all of which only made people more determined to vote that ever. The only people who were charged with voter related offenses that made the news were all Republican, ironically.
Voter fraud is the new Iraqi WMD. Doesn't exist, but, dammit, the GOP is doing something about it ..
Obama campaign spending: $923M. Democratic SuperPACS: $100M. Defeating lies, racism, misogyny, homophobia and voter suppression: Priceless
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