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Incorrect - our entire legal code was devised from the laws moral order as laid out in scripture
Nope... Incorrect... He said you couldn't even cite it. OReilly doesn't want one ounce of Bible used. Not even alongside other arguments of science, history, case law, and precedent.
No the issue is forced sanctity and prevention of criticism through "hate crimes" expressed as thoughts... Bring your A game son
Wrong... Our legal code was drawn from the Ten Commandments a$shat
No he/she didn't... And you're as misinformed as they... Read the damn column!
Not what he said... Go rewatch the segments...
Tommy perhaps you should reread the column. The traditional marriage side has used science, history, case law, and precedent to argue its side. Gays have said, "I feel gay. So give me preferential treatment based on that feeling" (not genetics, biology, DNA, or science."
All of that can ALREADY be done with two people and a lawyer. The desire of calling it marriage is ultimately to shut up all people of faith who have a moral component in the decision to raise their children.
Actually only about a third are in the middle. The overwhelming majority do not believe in the "legitimacy" of redefining marriage.
About as clear as what you believe torture is... That's a good one Mr. Overcompensate...
efficient but not more moral than water-boarding... because of the loss of information that gets flamed with the death... Don't you ever think?
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