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America was yearning for a good court packing. Idiot.
Rosetta Stone you try Improve Engrish muchly
Don't you just love pwning crackwhores?
The vast majority of his appointments have been confirmed. Nice try, crackwhore.
They can if they're dead, too.
I can think of one who's president.
You don't? You treated him like Moses coming off Mt Sinai with stone tablets in 2012. Now all you hear are... *crickets*
"Hi. My name is Lois. It's hard sometimes to support myself and my crack habit with the money I earn from servicing strangers, especially since they don't pay me a living wage. But thanks to Obamacare, I won't have to supplement my income with a legitimate job to stay healthy. Obamacare covers all of my STD tests, penicillin shots, and abortions, so I can concentrate on what I love - hittin 'pipes and smokin' poles. Thank you Obamacare!" I'm President Obama, and I approve this message.
It will be nice to hear you whine in 2015. Chief Justice Sarah Palin Justice Michelle Bachman
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