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There is NOTHING under the sun, no one doing anything, with a knife to my throat, a gun to my head will make me willing to listen to or watch that CRAPWEASLE lie...lie....lie....lie....lie.
I hardly ever hear the words Slick Willy and Gentleman used in the same sentence.
I would call those two pigs but I have too much respect for our porcine friends. And piglets are so precious.
And Christianity............
This has nothing to do with (women's) reproductive has to do with killing babies. If those females didn't know where babies come from, then they shouldn't put themselves into those situations. They can say NO..........AND keep their legs together. It always takes two.........
I would suggest these females (hardly "Women") that only want to have "fun" with no consequences, either have their tubes tied or a hysterectomy. That's a lot more sane than killing a baby.
Dear "Hanoi Jane" & "the Big Mooch" I vomit in your exalted direction...............
Just another way to give the right side of the nation "the finger" the eye.
CINO Christians In Name Only
What will he do with all his body guards guns........HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM?
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Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Legs

BabbaDo Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 4:24 PM
AMEN & AMEN you beat me to it.
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